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It is official... I have been debating whether or not to post about it but figured my friends on here may want to know. I will have to have surgery. They have found cancer and unfortunately this means I lose my ovaries. I had a partial histerectomy when I was 25 and now they want to remove the ovaries. I am a bit depressed over this and have been avoiding fubar and people in general so I don't have to keep discussing it over and over again. Please know I will get through this and even though I am scared as hell to go under the knife for the 13th time in my life... I am a fighter and will pull through. Sending some love to all my true and kind friends here. Take care all and I will try to pop on as much as I can. God Bless!

To all my fam and friends... I first and foremost want to thank you all for the love you have shown over the past 2 years of my being a fubar member. This site has opened my eyes to so many new things as well as so many new and wonderful friendships. I have recently found out I may need a few cancer screenings which will be time consuming and draining. There is a chance I may need surgery which makes things even harder for me right now. I am not looking forward to any of this as I had cancer back when I was 25 and it was not pleasant at all. I had a partial histerectomy as well as radiation (which ended up being uncalled for since they did the surgery anyway). There are so many more details to all this that I will not go in to. I just want everyone to know I am not ignoring, avoiding or giving up on anything I am just taking a break to get my health in order so that I may spend another 2 years here having fun with all my wonderful friends. I am not looking for pity here so please respect that what I have blogged about is simply to inform everyone as to why I have not been around much and why I may not be around much in the near future. God Bless and much Love to all.

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