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Important Tips for Bands to Promote their Profile on fubar!

***Note if the links take you back to your home page, please copy and paste them into your browser.****


1.      The first step is to set up your profile. Don’t do a half ass job. This site operates on real people who love to view and rate photos. Also, make sure to fill out information on your band. If you do not spend a little time pimping out your profile and customizing it, you will get less attention. 

-Add photos!  The more the better http://www.fubar.com/photoupload.php?albumid=0

-Add a skin that makes your profile look cool. http://www.fubar.com/myskins.php

-Add your Bands information. fubar operates on real people. The less info you have, the less attention you  get. http://www.fubar.com/settings.php

-Update your privacy settings http://www.fubar.com/settings.php?tab=privacy I suggest linking to your facebook and twitter so it auto shares.

- Fill out your about me, interests, etc http://www.fubar.com/settings.php?tab=interests  (you can use html code here)

  -Make a salute!  It sounds weird, but this will show you are legit and our members respect that.

  http://fubar.com/why-is-making-a-band-salute-important/b342358-1156729  This shows salutes in action.

  http://www.fubar.com/bible.php#make_salute This gives the dirty details on how to submit. .

2.      Make sure to add your songs to your profile. This is a very critical element to the process.  You want all your friends and fans to VOTE on your songs. This weighs heavily in factoring in who battles for the monthly 10k. You should be able to do this in your settings. http://www.fubar.com/settings.php


3.      Make sure to engage the fubar community. People are cool here. You will be surprised on how much “fu love” you get. The members on fubar will add you as friends, fan you and vote on your music. The more you interact, the more you will build credibility as well as a loyal following. Fubar members will gift you bling and gifts to show their appreciation. This is part of the magic of the fu. Embrace it and you won’t be sorry. Add and rate the top members. This will go very far. Get their support and you have serious credibility. http://www.fubar.com/top_members.php


4.      Make sure to accept your friend requests and acknowledge the users who are giving you attention. These members will have your back when it comes to your day to battle. fubar is a place that runs on giving love. Rating, likeing or simply saying hello will help you build your following here. When it comes to battling. You will need this.


5.      Get your friends and family to come over and vote on your songs. Also, if you are battling, it is critical that you make sure they are helping you vote during your battle. This is a no brainer. Use the contact uploader. We don't spam people. You can set the controls in your Privacy settings.


6.      More ways to promote your band on fubar! There are several FREE ways to self promote on fubar.  The following should provide a cheat sheet.


  • Video Broadcasting is something unique to fubar. Grab a webcam and introduce yourself http://www.fubar.com/videochat/index.php .  Many bands broadcast their practices and shows. This is a great way to capture new fans and attention. The system is simple enough that a chimpanzee could video broadcast. When you are broadcasting, make sure to post something
    up in your status to alert people that you are broadcasting.
  • Rate users! This is an easy way to get their attention. Our members love to get rated, friended and fanned. They will reciprocate. 
  • Gift users Drinks! Gifting drinks is free and allows you to show appreciation or introduce yourself to cool people. You purchase drinks with fubucks. It is FREE to do this. http://www.fubar.com/giftshop.php

  • Send a Round! Sending a round is a simple way to reach out to new people. Again this is FREE. It cost you fubucks.  You can send a round here. http://www.fubar.com/round.php

  • Update your Status on fubar! Updating your status daily shows that you are here and paying attention. You will get a ton of attention by do this.
  • Happy Hours!  Happy hours are a paid feature but if you are looking to really get your message out and gain new fans, run a happy hour and see what you think. This will blow up your friends list and give you a ton of fubar love. http://www.fubar.com/happyhour.php

  • Blasts! Blasts are a cheap and easy way to advertise yourself on the site. There are tons of options, but the one thing for sure is a blast will bring you friends and traffic to your page. http://www.fubar.com/add_blast.php

  • BLing!  Bling is our most coveted item. Users gift bling to each other to earn points and to show respect. Many users will Bling you out of respect. Check out the bling shop here http://www.fubar.com/blingshop.php

  • Lounges! Browse the lounges and introduce yourself. Many lounges DJ music and a simple introduction and hello could potentially get you air time in the lounges and a bunch of new fans and friends. http://www.fubar.com/browse_new_lounges.php

  • Likes!  Make sure to like a few people. This behavior is sure to earn you friends and fans.
  • Post Bulletins! Use the bulletin board to make announcements to fubar. This is free and will draw attention to your page. http://www.fubar.com/bulletins.php


7.      Make sure to visit the Battle page and participate in the voting process. We have coded share functionality so you can share to all your favorite sites. The more people you bring here to vote on your videos and to help promote you, the better chance you have at winning the monthly 10k. 

8.      Use the contact uploaders! We are not a site that abuses this functionality. You have complete control of this. By uploading your fan base and friends you can blast out updates and help promote your profile on the site. This weighs heavily on who gets to battle at the end of the month.

9.      Customize your account settings! There are a ton of options. Please take a moment and review http://www.fubar.com/settings.php

10.   Connect your accounts to twitter and facebook! This will give you an extra edge when sharing content. The goal is to get as many people to vote on your songs as possible and to increase your friends and fans list.  http://www.fubar.com/settings.php?tab=privacy

11.  Add your mobiile phone settings to your bands phones and take photos when you are out and about. It's a simple email. Add it to your address book and you can email the address and it uploads automatically to your account. You can find it on the settings page. http://www.fubar.com/settings.php

12. Set your custom URL with your band name. This is essential to you being able to drop links to your band page. You can find this in your settings. 

13. Ask a fubar member to make a salute for your band. This is a huge form of respect. They will feel honored if they like you. This salute will give you more credibility on the site. Also, make salutes for users. Sounds strange, but try and see how it works. 


If you have any questions, please contact me at www.fubar.com/scrapper or if you cant get the links to work, please copy and paste them into your browser.

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