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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  357 followers
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MsFlintstone AKA Bed... NinjaHappy Thanksgiving!!! Streaming Fallout 4 for a little, ...
Christopher aka Mr R... BummedI hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving :)
Mr Paul Playing fuMafiaPraying for Paris
Kingvamp Playing fuMafiahello beautiful yes you
Drac Passed outI feel so bad for the ppl of France right now!
DJ Badkitty NaughtyDuct Tape.. makes you smile just thinking about it.
5th Wheel Blazingheywhatsuphello
HarleyChickCali FM2 ... OnlineCheck your Emails For the Fubar Black Friday Sale..Happy...
OUTLAW DSC FM2 Candi OnlineBling open to friends
HypnotiQ FOB Leo Stuffing my faceHave a Wonderful Thaksgiving, everyone! Forever thankful...
Sheri fm2 kuntmuffin NinjaI'm busy taking over the world.
SkY BlazingCould use something to run on this turkey day,,,,,,,,,
pandora In loveHappy thanksgiving :)
Fan the Licker o... Petting my ligerI would LOVE a PERFECT AUTUMN DIAMOND bling... haha yea ...
CINN GoodHouse of Rock!! Get Some
CHELLEY Bummedthanks for the love today:) that was a lot:D♥ my friends
Blondie NO Blank Req... Sick37,411,324 of 300,000,000 points long ways to go
Jewels RLGF 2 Hollyw... In love♥♥Hollywoodrifter♥♥
MAYHEM In loveHey hey fu!!
Taco Man Fm2 Persephone Playing fuMafiaHappy Turkey Day everyone
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Playing fuMafiaPerma Crush Please! Fan me to! I ♥ Bling! Come on by Org...
80 CUBES CHRISTINA Petting my ligerHappy Thanksgiving fu! HH tonight 3 credits gets you in...
Mz Iowa NinjaDear Fu - PLEASE make and Iowa Hawkeye bling! I'd go ins...
Batgirl In loveSo thankful for my #1 and my fu family! Please show them...
Mz Brown Suga in lov... Petting my ligertrades only today
Ghostrider BlazingPeace
PrettyEyesAss BlazingHappy turkey day all...
ThisInks4u CoffeeGoodnight.
Xx Nikki Bitch xX Stepped awayHope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving....my #2...
KaoTiC KiTTy HeartbrokenBe thankful for what you have.. Happy Thanksgiving. I'll...
flora OnlineBoo urns. I can't upload pics anymore
Blue eyes BlazingHappy Thanksgiving
NesslyCrunchMonstah BlazingYou're such an inspiration for the ways that I'll never ...
Slingerland GoofyWhen a raccoon stands up and cracks his knuckles, stop s...
P EvilLaughter is the best medicine. But, if you're laughing w...
Forgotten Presumptio... CoffeeHappy Thanksgiving my wonderful friends ~ Remember if yo...
x SugarShaker x CoffeeGood Morning "coffee Time" Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
BlueCountryGrace Party Time!Happy Thanksgiving! :)
A Y N Coffeelet us start each day with a grateful heart... ♥
VixMarie OnlineHappy Thanksgiving to all my US FuFriends! Be safe out t...
jasonXcross Trying to workHAPPY THANKSGIVING
FANChanceIsFuLov... Playing fuMafiaGood Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Make you some co...
S U R F CoffeeBe thankful for who you know. Who you love. Who you have...
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaGearing Up for the Cook-a-thon... And the Eat-a-thon Tha...
Midwest Busty Babe Passed outHappy Thanksgiving all :D My work email alert reminds me...
Air Force Guy NaughtyHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
SpedyCwGrl NaughtyGuess who gets to sit at the adult table this year?! :D

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