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To all of u out there that have sent messages over this past couple of day ... I am very greatful and i love you all for it ... I have got a lot going on my life at the moment and just at the min can't seem time to get on here.. to say hi or give comments back.... But as today i have a spare couple of hours. i thought id get u all inon go , and say thankyou for being wonderful friends xxxxxxx
To all of my wonderful friends that i missed out on wishing a Happy Halloween , I hope u had as much fun as i did.... And im so sorry for not getting back to u all....... It's such a hard task to do with so many wonderful friends that i have made on here xxxxxxxx
Hi guys n dolls... Please help me in shouting for a lost cherry wedding .... I have met the man of my dreams ... And we want to shout it out so loud ..... Please in on bended knee's help us xxxxx
I love you . You love me . Were a happy family , With a great big HUG , and a kiss from me to you . Wont you say you love me too. I LOVE YOU .... This is what i sing to my babies everynight before they go to sleep xx
It's wonderful knowing you have friends. It's wonderful knowing that u care . It's a great thing to let u know, no matter what happens i'll always be there. Through thick and thin. through hard and long.. i shall always be your friend Cos our friendship is strong . This goes out to all the wonderful friends that i have made here on lost cherry xxxx
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