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hyper's blog: "friends"

created on 01/09/2007  |  http://fubar.com/friends/b42548
Having friends is one the best things that a person do.Did you ever think,that you mite be friends with a person that was with your mate before you were(aka)their ex.or did you ever think that the person you want to marry,would fuck it up and end up being bestfriends with them after the hell was over!What about the person your seeing right now, yeah the one you spend all your time with.What if it doesnt work they still can be an awesome friend. What I'm trying to say is that every one you meet just mite end up being a great friend no matter how you met them. You could have the most awesome friends and you mite never meet in person.IT mite be a person you tried to date but your different lives couldn't match up very well.shit there are so many different possibilitys. Just keep and open mind on the next person that talks to you. you never know what you mite get!!!!
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