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OZZ FE 2 SXYKITTEN's blog: "me"

created on 03/20/2009  |  http://fubar.com/me/b286340


ok i have a friend that i started recently talkin to again like within the past month or 2.We had a long conversation the other day and some stuff from the past came out and now things are different she seemed to change when it comes to me . we talk on yahoo but lately i been left hanging for a while even tho im told she was talkin to me and someone else(which is cool).I dont think takin 15 minutes to reply is right if ur a freind i can see if there was 5 or 6 convos goin at one time its understandable but if theres 2 there no reason for that kind of delay. I understand she been sick and i wish her a speedy recovery an she really is on of my best friends and i do care for her as much as a friend can. now shes pissed at me and im a cry baby and a shitty friend i guess. I AM SORRY for the argument we had earlier tonight and hope u can forgive me

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