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created on 04/12/2008  |
She's in a comment bombing contest trying to win a VIP for the most comments. Click on the link below and show her lots of love. She's a sweetheart and all love shown will be returned. While you're there, tell her Ring Of Fire sent you.
she is trying to reach the next level. only 416k to go. please help out anyway you can. She's a wonderful woman and an excellent friend. F/A/R if you havent already. All love shown will be returned.
My friend Rhonda has only 40k to go to reach "godfather/mother" let's all get together and show her some FU lovin and help her reach the next level. F/A/R if you havent already. She's agreat friend and will return all love shown to her.
Some prick hacked into Sniper's account and got it deleated. Sniper was a FU-King and lost everything. Let's get together and try to help him get it back anyway we can. He is one hell of a nice guy. F/A/R him and he will return the favor. Thanks to all that can help.
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