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D4rkn355 B4ByG1rL's blog: "freedom?"

created on 04/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/freedom/b208805
The big news around here lately is a teacher who has been forced to remove his bible from his desk. He has had it there for years..but all of a sudden its a crime. He also had the 10 commandments hanging in his room. I can understand them asking him to remove that..but I feel its his right to have a bible on his desk. If hes not thumping it..and its not bothering anyone. Anyways.. I started thinking on this subject since I read a little about it two days in a row on the front page. Theres kids supporting him and all here. I kinda understand his side of it..but then got to wondering..why does he really need it on his desk? Why can't he just put it in his desk..if he knows it bothers people? Then he will have it there for himself..but not in plain sight. Is he really that much of a believer? Although then I am thinking.. does God really want us to hide our faith? Either way.. it is something to ponder!
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