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OK so I got home this morning after working almost 16 hours to find out my lap top was not working..Of course my 14 year old son was the last person to use it...So naturally I am thinking he downloaded something or went to some porn site or something lol. So I stay up until BEST BUY opens and take my laptop in to see the GEEK SQUAD....NEVER AGAIN. First of all the little pipsqueak was rude. And then they told me it would take a week and a half to two weeks to get it fixed and back to me. Well, screw that. I took it to the local computer company Maverick Computers. They not only diagnosed what was wrong (my hard drive was dead and had to be replaced) but as you can see I am online which means they fixed it the same day. I will use them for all my computer issues from now on. Same day service compared to 2 weeks. It's a no brainer... Just some food for thought if you ever have computer issues....Don't be bullied into anything always check out your options.
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