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Mark's blog: "found it online"

created on 04/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/found-it-online/b210543

You know I started this whole social networking like most of you did at myspace.

I got the codes and hooked my page up. Then the lovely people at myspace kept changing everything and the codes didn't work anymore, so I went on to bigger and better things.


I found tagworld. They let me have multiple pages, host files and use javascript. They had this voting thing, you go to a page and you either vote or you didn't. Well I used the javascript in my page and made it so if you visited my page you voted, wether you wanted to or not. I was playing music on my profile and they didn't like what I was doing I guess, cause they took the use of javascript away from us, and stopped letting us upload just any file type. Here recently they reset the whole site and I lost all my files and info I had on there.


Oh well on to bigger and better things I guess. Been through friendster, and hi5, bebo, colonies, who knows how many forums, and that's when I started socializing.


Then I found lostcherry.com That was a cool site, it had so much stuff to it, and everything was totally random. No searching for friends, no finding local people, never knew who was going to roll across the top of the screen.

It had the typical bulletin bullshit, friend train this, this person rates les than a 10 "whaaaaaa" but for the most part the site was really cool.

They had these polls called mumms, and you could only see the last 3 posted, couldn't go through the history of them, and that was cool, you had to be on top of it, if you wanted to give your opinion.


But then the name changed to cherrytap and they added such features as "stalking" find people in your area, nsfw which was ridiculous because the site was supposed to be for adults.

Now here at fubar we can browse mumms and randomly rate pics, but its never going to be the cool totally random that it was in the beginning.

Here I am, god knows how many accounts I've had, but this will be the last. I've been deleted and I've deleted my own account. I've only met 1 person from here in real life, and I think that's enough.

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