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SMexi Tx's blog: "Forgetful Heart"

created on 05/26/2011  |  http://fubar.com/forgetful-heart/b341333

I hate this forgiving, forgetful heart,

That keeps me wishing wondering if our relationship we could restart,

Reminding me the way it was, remembering the fun,

Forgetting how you were and what you’ve said and done.

Thinking of being with you the times we shared,

But what about the way you left me, with no reason, as if you didn’t care.

I never seem to remember how ripped my heart out,

But I seem to come back to the conclusion that you’re the one I can’t live without.

I know I’m supposed to forgive you, for the things that you have done,

But why can’t I forget you, why is it always back to you that I run.

It’s like my heart blacks out, how it was towards the end,

And I end up going back to you, and then it starts again.

I slowly start to remember, as I start to get annoyed,

Exactly why I left you, as that feeling that I miss you starts to be destroyed,

Because those things that I despise, the lies start up again,

As you argue and ignore me, and I’m already wishing it would end.

This forgetful heart I have, always leads me back to this pain,

And as hard as I fight to stop it, I know it’s just going to start all over again.

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