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Ford's blog: "Understanding Me"

created on 09/12/2007  |  http://fubar.com/understanding-me/b128083  |  1 followers
For all the wimmin folk who say I'm such a pig.. Medicines DO help..lol CClouds the judgment... :P I'm in the bright white, for those who cannot read or are from Ohio..(54) February 14, 2009 @ 8:32 pm NOLA™ said: Ford said: Jack Daniels Wendy said: Ford said: Jack Daniels Wendy said: NOLA™ said: Jack Daniels Wendy said: NOLA™ said: NOLA™ said: Ford said: NOLA™ said: Ford said: KRisTEnVICtoRIA kristenvictoriaz on Imvu said: Ford said: NOLA™ said: KRisTEnVICtoRIA kristenvictoriaz on Imvu said: SUPERMAN231 said: Are you really that shallow to actually get mad at him on a made up holiday?? are men really this non romantic these days That depends, does your idea of romantic entail spend large amounts of money? she would fit soooooo well into NY... it's sad.. she's proving me right on everything i've ever said about women in the mumms..[image] romantic is anything a sweetgift rather its from jareds ,walmart,99 cent store, homemade, a picked flower and long walk ,making dinner,breakfast in bed anythinggg... not when u tell them happy vday they tell u to shut the fuck up its sunday you crazy? and you get nothing at all... untill u have sad look on ur face and later in day the decide to go get up and get u something , to me thats thoughtless romance is not material... romance is maybe looking into her yes by a fire.. watching a sunset with her in your arms, a quiet conversation with laughs and smiles, maybe even a slight touch of the hand or a brush up onto your leg.. romance has nothing to do with gifts, or money.. it can, mind you, to increase the romantic idea, but doesn't mean it is what romance means alone.. Hear ye - Hear ye! Court is now adjourned!!! i'm gonna be executed, now, aren't i? You're found not guilty in the first degree, for telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. "Innocent," would have been a better choice of words... ROTF! For other reasons, this is why my drunken-ass isn't a Judge. lol come drink with me then!!! lol I invite that idea with open sincerity love! Good! Now come get me drunk! [image] you use MY trial to get into each other's pants??? now THAT'S romance... i ask to be put to death, judge... god, please... put me to death..lol you initiated it with you great view of what romance is! lol so... i AM guilty?! [image]... Yes, of being innocent. ditto
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