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We so NEED a National Health Care like other Counties too. I mean we are suppose to be the Most Powerful Nation in the World. And we can't even take Care of Our People? The Fellowing Message is taken from Psi"Ryn's Bulletin: http://fubar.com/bulletins.php?b=3640933022. About not only her Daughter,

but as she says all Children. -------------------------------------------------- Spending 45 minutes (( for Governors office that LONG)) talking to someone about how if medicaid keeps taking away service from your daughter they will end up killing her and with you having enough guts to even take it to the news media and anywhere you can because it supposedly called preventive medicine but when they take that preventive medicine that may cost $200 every other month is better than the 10 of thousands that has to be paid for up to 4 days in the Peds ICU. This was after spending 36 minutes on hold with Medicaid until someone answered me. Then me talking to thier supervisor. Only to be told unless you have something from the governor saying we HAVE to pay for this medicine its still not going to be paid for. I know the 12 ampules of the breathing med costs alot but it keeps her out of the hospital. What they are trying to do is make parents of severely handicapped children now put them in ""specialized"" nursing homes. And we all know what happens in them. And as much as my daughter loves her one on one that would absolutely kill her. Am fighting it not only for my daughter but other children out there that have been put in these places and more or less forgotten. For Desirae Moody (age 4 ) That was actually getting better from her disease and the state telling her mother she would be well taken care of and then 2 months later dying from a staph infection. For Isiah Franklin (age 14) Because medicaid took so many things including all b ut 36 hours a WEEK of nursing away his single mother had to put him in a nursing home because she couldn't work and take care of her son. Who died of proven neglect. (repost of original by 'Psi"Ryn ~~ R~I~P Jen.' on '2008-03-20 14:52:03')
I put this Bulletin together for my Great Friend: AMERICAN CHERRY's Daughter: Raven

Raven in her Bed

Raven & her Family

Raven with her Dog
After they came up with this Idea: To get Butterflies from Every State & Providence. Plus from other Countries. Its quite possibly a long stretch do get it done but I would be honored, if this Idea actually does come about. While you can read more about Raven's life story on Psi"Ryn blogs. Here is a small part of that History: Many do not know I have a severely Handicapped daughter. I contracted toxoplasmosis, no it is not an old wives tale it is something VERY real. It is a bug in laymans terms that inflicts itself on the host and if pregnant the unborn child normally killing that child. Its contracted from feral or outside cats that eat birds and other things to live. Not common but can be found in indoor cats as well. With that part all said. Raven wasn't supposed to survive but through prayer and love and her strong will she turn 9 this year. She is severely handicapped. She has the mental state of a new born. The startle reaction you get from a newborn the flailing of the arms ad the kicking of the legs and so on. It is unknown exactly how much she does see but we are sure she can see shadows and shapes. This is where I am asking you for a simple request from you and anyone else that would like to do something for her. For a mother that is far from her baby girl. I gave my father Custody before moving so her system would not be shocked and that she could keep all the specialists she has had for the past 6 years. The nurses have decorated her room in butterflies of all sorts. I would like everyone’s help to make a handicapped Child's smile beam so proudly and make others feel her warmth and love. We are trying to get Raven Butterflies from Every State and Canadian Providences plus any Other Countries. Now, these can be crafts, pictures or just about anything. If possible it would be great to have the State, Providence or Country name on it. So far we have Butterflies from the Following places: Louisiana New York North Carolina United Kingdom Switzerland But, if you are from any of these places -- you can Still send if you want too. If you would like to get more information about this Butterfly Drive for RAVEN or the Mailing address, please contact the fellowing people: Raven's Mother:
or Heather~Buckeyecherry~OTS~
Thanks, David
I Have an update about: Psi"Ryn's Daughter: Raven
Raven with her Dog She is home from the Hospital and feeling better. She NOW has the right antibiotics for her Urinary Track Infection (UTI). At first the On-Call Doctor (not her Normal Doctor) gave her a wrong type of antibiotic and made her sick. So now they have to watch her for the reactions to that, too. If you would like to send get well wishes, etc. Please send them to her Mother:
Thanks, David PS: We also have been doing a Butterfly Drive for Raven. Please read this blog for further details: http://fubar.com/blog/89855/394202
I just found out some sad news from my Great Friend: AMERICAN CHERRY about her Daughter: Raven
Raven in her Bed She is in the Hospital with a real bad Urinary Track Infection (UTI). It goes all the way up into the one kidney, she has! If you would like to send get well wishes, etc. Please send them to her Mother:
Thanks, David PS: We also have been doing a Butterfly Drive for Raven. Please read this blog for further details: http://fubar.com/blog/89855/394202
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