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A fire, candlelight, and passion foods are believed to be the perfect prelude to a romantic evening - they tease, tantalize and set your imagination afire, and they wash you over with a warm feeling of well-being. We have all heard about certain foods that have been labeled as aphrodisiacs for their stimulant properties and mineral content, but there are others that fall into that category simply for their suggestive appearance, resembling the human body. Or simply put - they look erotic. So what are these sensual foods that shorten the distance between the heart and the stomach? Oysters filled with vodka, to be provocatively slurped, asparagus soup, ginger chicken, washed down with bubbly champagne and rounded off with strawberries and whipped cream or a gooey chocolate dessert. If science is to be believed almost every other vegetable and fruit could be an ingredient for romance if used well…even the simple, ordinary ones like bananas, avocados, ginger, celery and chili peppers. Preparing these foods with passion in mind will definitely be the start of a romantic evening. For centuries, writers and philosophers have discussed the mysterious relationship between what we eat and what takes place between the sheets. Maybe now's the time to forget the sex therapist and visit the supermarket instead. Read on for what to eat to help pep up bedtime passion levels. Almonds - Associated with passion and fertility, the smell of almonds is said to excite women, which explains why it is such a common ingredient in soaps and creams. Asparagus - A classic in the aphrodisiac world, this succulent vegetable with its distinctive taste has a long history as an effective stimulant. Such were its reputed powers that in 19th century France it was customary for a bridegroom's last meal before his wedding to consist of at least three courses of hot asparagus. Avocado - To the Aztecs this fruit was known as ahucati which means 'testicle', but it was left to the Spanish to spread the news of the stimulating power of the avocado. In the confessional catholic priests forbade their parishioners to indulge in the avocado. Bananas - As well as having an erotic shape, the banana has also been associated with erotic energy. Legend has it that the serpent that tempted Eve hid in a bunch of bananas. Bananas also contain an alkaloid compound 'bufotenine' which it is thought may boost your sex drive. Carrots - According to the ancient Greeks every inch of a carrot is rich in aphrodisiac properties- so much so that they ate the roots, seeds and foliage before indulging in an orgy. Celery - The stimulating effects of celery are well known in Sweden where the famous author Hagdahl described celery as 'straightforward arousing'. Crushed celery seeds are said to be especially potent and can be used in breads or salad dressing. Chocolate - One of the undisputed kings of aphrodisiacs, chocolate has long been used to stoke the flames of passion the world over. In fact its supposed power on rousing libido has led to a chocolate ban being imposed in some monasteries. Legendary bed hopper Casanova was a serious chocolate addict, always tucking into a bar or two before retiring to his boudoir. Raspberries & strawberries - Combined with champagne, fresh raspberries and strawberries are regarded as powerful aphrodisiacs. Both invite love and are often referred to in erotic literature as fruit nipples. So, throw caution to the winds one day soon, and treat your lover to whatever sensual foods the two of you most enjoy. Forget your budgets and especially forget your diets. Bon appétit and happy romancing!
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