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Ok.. my first blog entry on cherrytap and i have no fcking clue what to write. I am currently sitting at my parents house. My computer at home is fcked. So i am only online every 2-4 weeks.. at least until my pc is fixed. But you guys dont want to hear about that. And the sad thing is i dont have anything else to write about at the moment. But that is probably coz i have been too poor lately to go out with mates and hit the town. And its driving me mental. I just want to go out and drink myself into a stupor. Then i would be able to get through another couple weeks. Coz even just one night out drinking every couple of weeks is like a holiday.. and when you have kids you will understand why... if you dont already. But i am going to a dinner tonight at a mates place.. and i only have to take bubs with me.... so i might be able to sneak in a few drinks while i am there. Not enough to get sht-faced... but enough to relax. Which is all i want. Anyways.. i got something down for my first blog.. and hopefully the next one will be more interesting... til next time
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