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created on 09/23/2007  |
my bro sean was in a horrible car accident. someone ran a red light and t boned him on his side. sean wouldve been killed had he not turned to cover the baby that was beside him. he is in grant hospital on the seventh floor. he can have visitors till 9pm. he just got out of surgery for his hip which he broke. he also cracked the ball part of his femur that goes into his socket as well as the socket itself. he had to get a plate for his leg a bolt for his the ball joint and a bar for his hip. he will be there most likely till fri at the latest. if you want to know anything else youll have to go there and ask him yourself.
i do things for ppl because i like to. im a nice guy. i dont ask for much. i enjoy doing favors for my friends. but lately it seems im being taken advantaged of. im doing things for ppl then im being forgotten about. it sucks. everyone else is out having fun and im sitting on my ass cause all my friends are busy. they are busy with the things that I helped them with. if it wasnt for me they wouldnt be busy. but im a nice guy. so i try to just get over it. there is only one person ill go out of my for and they know who it is. and then theres the drama one friend wants to protect me but it seems that they are just getting the wrong info or they dont stay around long enough to really know what went down. then they call me with all this info that to me is very odd. specially since i know the person they are trying to protect me from. i know what they would or would not do. i thank the person for trying to protect me but i have dealt stuff like this before and doesnt phase me that much. i hope that everyones weekend is going better than mine. peace to the ones who get walked on because they are so caring.
im having trouble deciding what i want. im happy but then again im not. for now im just going to play it by ear but damn. i hate this shit
a friend of mine killed himself yesterday. tragic. i feel especially bad for my buddy who found him when he got off work. i may not be religious but please god watch over duston and his family as they deal with this tragic loss of their father/husband. i havent cried since my gma died and duston came in and i cried with him. rocky was a very good friend of mine and we worked with each other since 2001. hell he was the one who trained me on most of the outside duties. this week is turning out to be very bad. man this sucks
well this is the first blog that im putting in here. so far this site is very confusing but im getting used to it. ive met some kool ppl and im enjoying myself. well have a look around, rate me, read me, do what ever you want. have fun
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