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5954145's blog: "Randomosity"

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It's not like anyone reads these things, but I feel like venting my views and sadly, most of fubar seems to disagree.

Number one?  I'm a woman.  And listening to all of these political debates centered on what I can and cannot do with MY BODY really pisses me off.  Especially the conservative standpoint of blatant and flagrant misogyny.  Why are men allowed to dictate women's reproductive rights?  So much for gender equality, huh?  I REALLY can't stand that big-mouthed, racist, woman-hating prick Rush Limbaugh, or pretty much any ultra-conservative man or woman.  You like him and what he stands for?  You can show yourself out.  I won't condone any legislation that degrades, limits, minimalizes and harms women.  And you know what?  Neither should any of you.

Number two?  As far as abortion goes, no.  I don't like it.  However, it isn't my place to decide who can and cannot have one.  Obviously, if it's past the first trimester--to me, that constitutes murder.  But if it's early in the first trimester, the mother is not able to care for it, has no support, or simply just doesn't want to have a baby at that time in her life--It's her choice.  Not anyone else's.  And men, I realize that some of you would step up and help out, but the fact is an overwhelming majority won't.  Ultimately it's the woman's choice.  It's her body that undergoes the changes.  It's her health that could potentially suffer.  If you WANT children, fellas, get with a woman of a like mind.  And, as far as religioius beliefs go...  The constitution plainly states that Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion.  So your whole "It goes against God's teachings!  Make it illegal!" bullshit shouldn't even be considered, period, end of fucking sentence.  Christianity is a religion, not a political view.  If you've confused the two, well, you're a BIG part of the problem.  Scratch that.  You ARE the problem.

Number three?  I'm not religious.  I don't believe there's a magical, omnipotent, benevolent being up in the sky watching my every move and tallying every mistake I make for Judgment Day ceremonies.  Seriously, how is that rational?  And, if this so-called God is soooo merciful, how come almost every major war that's ever taken place has been in his name?  How come it's ok to rape women and kill children in his name?  How come there are so many starving people?  So many murders?  So much hatred?  Yeah--sounds benevolent and good to me! /sarcasm.  You know if there were ever a religion I could put stock in, it would be paganism.  An' it harm none, do what thou wilt.  They pass no judgment and exist solely for the pursuit of knowledge and harmony.  But the Christians saw to it that they were crushed and now only small sects exist, scattered and persecuted throughout the world.  And, as far as those of you who are Muslim-hating, xenophobic, soldiers of Christ?  Don't diss the Koran's teachings until you've had a good long look at your own Bible's old testament.  It's just as bad as Sha'ria Law, if not worse.  Oh, and for the record?  Sha'ria law was written by men, not Allah.  Get your fucking facts straight, morons.  And, While I'm on the topic of religion--it is NOT necessary for social good.  In fact, if you have morals, are a good person, help your fellow man or woman, and DON'T need a magical tablet with ten commandments pounded into it to be that way, well, you're a far better person than the ones who do.  Good on you.

Number four?  I've had 3 profiles on fubar in the past 5 years.  I always end up leaving because the mistreatment of good people, the shameless begging, the disgusting whoring that goes on, and the rampant, sickening greed displayed here was too much for me.  I come back not to play the game, but because I miss the REAL people I've met on here.  I've got some quality friends, people I trust, people I adore, and that's what brings me back.  I could really give a shit about bling, points, achievements, etc. etc. etc.  Yeah, I have bought bling.  Yeah, I have gone on sprees where I'd rate boomerangs and God Modes.  But when I've done that, I've turned around and paid back kindnesses showed to me.  Or just showed someone that I really appreciate them.  I'm not here to be the most popular.  And, if you are, you need to go see a psychologist because you've got some serious narcissisistic issues or you're still stuck in high school.  Either way--you need help.

Number five?  I'm aware I'm not the most gorgeous thing out there.  But you know what?  I know that it doesn't really matter.  I have a job.  I have a REAL LIFE boyfriend.  I have REAL LIFE friends.  I love my life, even though it's not the greatest at times.  I've put myself through college.  I've lived through some pretty rough shit.  I've been in abusive relationships and still learned to love, and be loved.  So if you think your petty little insults bother me, remember this:  You're pathetic.  Get a life.  Fubar, facebook, WoW, and whatever little thing that keeps you jacked in and on your ass all day is NOT a life.  It's an escape--and that makes you a fucking coward. 


/end rant

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