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Well, let's see here, maybe I should make a pact, or a promise, anthing that really kills the time.  I guess I can list off my goals and endeavours for random people I may or may not know... like it matters though right, after all these are personal, spiritual, and meaningful goals; made for all of us or some of us...

Here goes nothing...

1- World peace, no not the stupid bull shit that means we all hug and get along, but anything but demonizing muslims, and communists.  More of a peace that comes from the wise and simple phrase "Live and let live".  How is this achievable, instilling these values into our children.  "Who cares what the Jones are doing, as long as he isn't fucking the goat on my property I'm cool with it."  Nothing too bizare or stupid, nothing like unachievable expectations, but simply agreeing to disagree and leaving the person alone.  Differences exist and should exist there is nothing wrong with no liking some as long as you don't infringe on it's existence and don't let it infringe on yours.  Simple silence and friendliness would suffice... there, morality out there on a goals blog, how odd?  Eh, Not really suprised nor caring...

2- Pilgrimage, we should all have a sacred place we would take a pilgrimage to, it's not mandatory but a nice addition to all human actions.  Canterbury, Cairo, Jerusalem, Vatican, Shikoku, etc. I personally Want to visit Shikoku, a Bhuddist pilgrimage for the insane gay pagan?  Yes, I'm afraid so, but there is an odd spiritual calling to take to months out of my secular life to walk around an island praying at various temples and growing a unique perspective on life.  We all deserve one, so why not take a treat and visit a place for reasons other than your secular needs.  If it seems to be religious keep in mind it is to grow wise in a philisophical sense more than religious.  No one really cares what your religion's name is as long as you got a unique healthy perspective view on life.

3- Marriage and Children, no I'm not saying we all need to, hell we're beyond our carrying capacity as it is... adopt a kid or a teen when your life deems it so, carry on your culture, it's more important than what horrid inbred means got the freakish homo-sapien there in the first place.  As for marriage, no, not the stupid conventional sense, though that's YOUR choice, not mine, but a person out there for any of us is more comforting than being alone.  I hope to have a husband one day.  I hope to have an esperantisthousehold and have two biological (one of me and one of him) kids and four adopted.  I do hope to have a steady and happy job but I hope to raise my kids far from the commercialised world of campitalism.  Of course this dream could change, and I hope it does for that is a sign of growing and changing, so this is very much a lucid hope.  More or less the best title for this would probably be touch someone's life and be remembered.

4- Fix current social problems, as a homosexual, I want my equal rights, and social rights to be myself within my own family with no compromise to my character.  As a linguist I'd like to see universal communication via an auxilary language.  As a pagan I want to see us have less of an impact on our mother, and more safe and healthy sources of energy (Note: yes, I'm a hypocrite... I'm on a computer, I drive, and I eat meat... however, eh, who cares?  I'm just stating how I have things I want to see myself grow into...),  I'd also liketo see afew diseases fixed, a free Palestine, less starvation and thirst, less waste, less greed and hatred from corrupt leaders and fellow men, and I'd also like to see less stress on the importance of beautiful youth.  I don't care what you may choose ony as long as you know you are not imposing on someone else's right... I might not agree and may choose not to fight for it, but I won't stand in your way. 

Overall, I don't have a strict guideline of goals, just a vague aim of how to become better...       so smoke weed, and remember life is for all of us to enjou and fight for, let's evlove... HOMO-ILLUMINUS

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