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this past month has been a doosey. its been harder beyond anything i have deal with. working 4 jobs. going to a technical institute studying advanced computer networking systems. haveing family problems. money problems. problems just pertaining to being an 18 ear old sophmore in college. but the most that bothers me is the one girl designated to me as being the love of my life. like any relationship, we have ups and downs. but lately, our downs have been below the surface. in some dark place under the crust of our lives. we've had issues of trust, love, communication, loyalty, truth, and much more. we both talk out our problems with our friends. but in the end we only listen to each other. my main point is. if there is no trust. if you cant so much as leave your fone around, or remain logged in to fubar, or myspace, or facebook, or anything; should that relationship continue? should you continue giving chances to the one you know you love in your heart and you know that they truly love you? is it meant to suffer in a relationship for a time? we were both great friends before. i changed her life, and she changed mine. she opened my eyes up to a lot of new things. taught me that i am a person, and i do mean somthing to the world. but for wutever reason, in the past few months, our relationship has been decaying. i want it to last. she sas she wants it to last. but wut do you think? will or should his relationship continue to press on?
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