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1. I love...my friends and family.
2. Right now I want...to go to the mall. 
3. I feel like...taking a shower.
4. I hate it when...people mess with my head.
5. I fear...losing my mom.
6. I'm lonely without...my greenie.
7. I need...some hugs!
8. Today I...want to relax and do NOTHING!
9. Tomorrow I'm...going to have to go to work.
10. I just...can't to be king! lol
11. I want to meet...a few of my friends from fubar.
12. I'm hungry for...PIZZA!!
13. I love it when...I get to go home to NC.
14. I'm afraid of...not being able to support myself without asking for help.
15. I'm listening to...the tv, Sister Sister is on.
16. I'm wearing...a t-shirt and sweats.
17. I wish I was in...my bed with a special someone cuddled up to me.
18. I'm craving...PIZZA!
19. I want to get...naked and get in the shower.
20. I can...do anything you do better.
21. I can't...stand it when there's nothing good on tv.
22. I have...way too many pairs of undies.
23. I haven't...been outside of the North American continent.
24. I'm nervous to...think about my future.
25. My Mom thinks I'm...spectacular and all her friends know how she feels.
26. My Dad thinks I'm...wonderful, I hope.
27. I think...I need to go and do something today.
28. I'm happy when...I have a cuddle buddy.
29. I'm sad when...I have no one to give my love and affection to.
30. I like eating...steak, potatoes, and broccoli.
31. I hate eating...nothing! lol
32. I love watching...UNC basketball.
33. I love listening to...to rain on my window as I lay in bed.
34. I like playing...volleyball.
35. I hate waking up to...my alarm.
36. I can see...the bright sunshine outside.
37. I'm glad that...I'm alive, healthy, and doing well in school.
38. I'm disappointed that...I can't go home until next week.
39. I look like...a fat slob. haha
40. I wish I looked like...a not-fat slob. haha

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