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PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CREDIT CARD INTREST RATES (APR)!!! Credit card companies are raising their intrest rates not because of your actions. They are claiming that "the people who lend them money are demanding higher intrest". YOU CAN FIGHT BACK! Your credit card agreement is a contract. Each time you get a renewed credit card in the mail your contract is being renewed. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPT OUT OF THESE INCREASES UNTIL YOU GET YOUR NEW CREDIT CARD. This is contingent on the fact that you have paid your bill on time. I had an intrest rate on a Citibank card of 8.99%. It was raised to 14.99% and I was able to OPT OUT and get my intrest rate returned to 8.99% and the rate is applied from when it was changed! So pay attention to your credit card statements. The APR on most credit card bills is located on the bottom or on the second sheet of your bill! Be sure to check it every month. Depending on the balance you have on your credit card, NOT DOING THIS COULD COST YOU HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! THE BANKS ARE TRYING TO GET OVER THEIR MISTAKES BY CHARGEING YOU! DON'T LET THEM! TIMES ARE HARD...WATCH YOU OWN MONEY! Love, Nikki
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