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----- Fidelitas ----- what matters it to I, if thy lover treat thee as well as I, and thus respect thee? that you are loved is Important, by whom, in addition to I , is not, save that they treat you well, For there is wherein will Ever be My concern, I hand thee such licence, knowing you to be Aware of the proviso thus entailed, and I Trust in thee, that thou shalt in wisdom choose, and by that token, assure that thy needs be Met, for tho few would so Allow as I, equally few would understand the deeper meanings: if in Happiness W/we Be, then In love so W/we grow, Love Given Being Love Grown, Faith being of the Heart, the body does as needs, all unknowing, or all aware, Love is the goal, the art, and the Life -- Semper Cuores Fidelis Aeternaeam. ^Uyraell^ 12/20/2006 Dec.20.
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