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TwinklingStar's blog: "One Day At A Time"

created on 04/01/2012  |  http://fubar.com/one-day-at-a-time/b347389  |  8 followers

Everyone here as someother place they would like to be. Its kinda funny that few people know how "close" we all are.... even if there is someone or two or three or whatever that you can't stand. Maybe the point I am trying to make is mute, that is okay, I know what I mean!! Only time is on our side to make it has worthwild as possible. Hehe... you can take that anyway you choose.

I located a marionette today, its a clown. I have two other porcelain dolls. They are sweet. I'm not exactly collecting, but hey its an idea when I get rich. My kids don't like them because they are usually evil in the movies. Least I don't own a snake. Wouldn't mind owning one but that too is a possible future ownership deal.

I left at 9:40am and got back a little before 1:30pm. Yes, I'm tired and drained but at least I didn't get hurt or get caught in the rain. I did fall but the rocks didn't hurt my fat aztec. I do try to see the brighter side of every last thing. It may be my angelic tenedencies, not too sure....

As for what I was wondering, I have a cam in my new laptop and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me figure it out into working mode. 

Hope ya all have a most excellent night. If it is great for you, mine will good

enough for me not to get hurt. See ya all later!!

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