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Each1Teach1's blog: "New Music......"

created on 06/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/new-music/b90589
1.Concentration--Blackalicious & J5 2.Top Qualified--Haiku D'etat & Quannum Mc's 3.HeavyWeights rounds 1-4--ProjectBlowed/CVE/FelineScience/GoodLifersFreestyleFellowship 4.Dr.Ez's Cool Fantastic 1&2--The Anonymous/L.a Allstar roster 5.WeathermanGang--Cage/AesopRock/El-p/Tame1/YakBallz 6.Rainmen--DeepPuddleDynamics 7.Voices--Living Legends 8.ChainReaction--Mystics/Pharcyde/B.E.P. 9.Party Hard--Perceptionists/Guru/CamuTao 10.Any FreeStyle Fellowship 11. timeline--visionaries/livinglegends
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