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When I was a young boy, not even a teenager, a family moved into the house behind ours. They had a young teenage girl. The parents slept in the bedroom at the back of the house and their girl slept in the bedroom on the front that faced the bedroom that my brother and I slept in. I slept in the bed next to the window. One night I rolled over and looked out the window and I saw her lying on her bed in nothing but tee-shirt and panties as she read a book. I watched her for the better part of an hour. This became an every night ritual of mine. It never dawned on me that if I could see her, then she could see me. I was not aware that my bedroom light was on one night as I lay there looking at her. But as I looked in her direction, she arose from the bed and went to the window and closed the shades on her window. And that was the last time I saw her on her bed until several months later. Like many nights prior to that one, I looked toward her house and hoped she would reopen her shades. My heart skipped a beat as I watched her pull back the curtains and go and lay on her bed in her panties and tee shirt as she began to read a book. Then I watched as she slid a hand underneath her shirt and began to squeeze her breast. She began to squirm in bed. Then suddenly she got up and closed the shades again. A moving van appeared at their house the next day and they loaded it with their belongings. As she was getting in the family car to leave, she looked back toward our house and waved goodbye.
Judy and her sister Vicky lived next door to me when I was a teenager. They were as different as night and day. Judy was a tomboy who enjoyed all sports. Vicky was "Little Miss Priss". Judy and her cousin Cindy oftentimes played baseball, basketball and tackle football with the boys in the neighborhood. I found myself playing on the football team against her one fall weekend. Their quarterback threw a pass to her and she turned to sprint down the field. I caught up to her and reached out to tackle her. In doing so, I reached out and caught ahold of her button-front shirt, and it popped open as I brought her to the ground. As we both hit the ground, I still had a handful of her shirt in my hand, and it had pulled open to reveal her breast. She was not wearing a bra. In my effort to quickly cover her breast with the shirt I held in my hand, I accidentally...I swear...touched her breast. It was the first female breast that I had ever touched. It had an immediate effect on a certain part of my anatomy. Unhurriedly she rebuttoned her shirt and the game continued without further incident. What I remember the most about that event was how very little it seemed to bother Judy...but it had a profound effect on me for the rest of my life!
I guess I have been fascinated by the female body since I was just a small boy. It is unclear to me when the fascination began. It could have been when my young female cousin pulled down her pants and squatted to urinate and I noticed a distinct difference in our bodies. Or perhaps it was when a group of us boys and girls in the neighborhood went skinnydipping in the canal behind our neighborhood and even more differences were revealed. Or perhaps my real fascination began when an older female cousin came to the house with her newborn baby and she breastfed the baby as I sat on the couch beside her. Or when I accidentally walked in on a female cousin who was taking a bath. Finding my brothers' stash of men's magazines with adult women on display nude certainly played a part. So suffice it to say, I have been so very obsessed with the female body since well before puberty. And my neighborhood was chock full of pretty females of my age or older, many of whom played a part, either willingly or unbeknownst to them, in my sexual education. I hope to cover my progressive sexual education in the coming blogs. I do seek commentary from any females who should wander by. I am so looking forward to hearing from you.
First I want to thank geminigirl for inviting me to this site. I am still trying to learn my way around. Things you need to know about me. I have two sons in the U S Marines. One has already served in Kuwait and Iraq. My youngest son is currently in Iraq 35 miles from Baghdad. Anyone with ties to the U S Marines or loved ones serving in Iraq automatically get points in my book. Now, I enjoy both reading and writing erotic stories. I love reading erotic material from the female point of view because they reveal areas of eroticism that no man can ever master. I also love sensuous pictures of females. Sensuous is more about the pose than it is what is revealed. I encourage all women who think they have sensuous photos to reveal them on my page. I will include those that I, too, find sensuous in my photo section. I will be posting what I hope is an erotic story of my own in the near future.
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