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SubGirl aMaNda694u is a fan of

OnlineNeed a fu wifey
NaughtyThankful for many things..some here and some not. But at...
ExcitedHave a great week.
FoxyOff of work now! I am sure I will be on later but hope e...
NinjaMy Camera is Ready ... R U ready?........Unlimited 11's ...&
In loveHave you ever made a mistake you wish you could take bac...
FoxyHappy Wednesday!
Naughtyhappy humpday and dont 4 get to paste those turkeys good...
Hung-overDaily status change
OnlineHey there everybody! My verrry sweet luvfun41 needs to b...
OnlineOn and off..off and on :)
ExcitedHave a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Excitedlike/rate me, add and fan me...ty

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