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My status and the comments that followed....

status : I come from a land down under

sister's comment: lol hell?

my reply: your mother! lmao

Standing in the supermarket with my mother, collecting some groceries and having a chat, gossiping about someone we had seen in the supermarket check out, I was commenting to my mother how i wondered how this certain person got together with this boy and had a baby, because this guy is ugly my comment was to my mother was 

"it makes me wonder how they got together and made a baby... what did she put a bag over his head?"

 my mother was in hysterics

Sitting out the back on the porch my two sisters myself and my mother, just having a chat about mundane things and what not, the youngest sister stands in front of my mum and is playing with her hair she twists it up and spikes it on top of her head, steps back and smiles, the middle child looks at my mum and starts singing...

"we represent the lollipop guild"


i nearly died laughing 

walking through bunnings its a hardware store.. picking up a few things for the house and what not my sister was with me at the time and we walked down to the timber section and down in that section is some yellow lines on the floor where your to walk because people can drive in and collect timber and what not as we are talking about these lines i tripped over my tongue what was meant to come out as yellow lines came out as

yellow shlines


Driving back from the pizza shop on a wet windy crappy night with my sister as we cruise down the back streets the rain is pummelling down onto the windscreen and shes sitting there with the pizza looking out and she says to me...

"the rain scares me"

"whys that?" i reply

"cos its like 3D or something"

"wow did you put your blonde hair on?"

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