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->exnavy_1974: well i cant help you with that exnavy_1974: good! Just work up too....too horny lol ->exnavy_1974: how are you doing? ->exnavy_1974: Doing good, just woke up a little bit ago exnavy_1974: how are you this morning? ->exnavy_1974: hello exnavy_1974: hi there Just a classic example of why I now block people right from the jump. You come at me like this at fucking 7:30am your ass is going to get blocked. Hell, it really doesn't matter what time it is, just seems more rude to start this shit with someone when they just wake up. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Can't these motherfuckers get a girlfriend? Are they that desperate to get off that they gotta hit up some girl on the internet?? I think it's time to update my profile as this sort of crap is happening quite frequently. Sorry folks I have to vent as this pisses me off. I hate men like this and wish they would all be put on some island far far away from a computer. *wugh*
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