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     Well this morning everything went off without a hitch! I got the stems (rods) put on the wheel and got the hub caps put on AND no one overcharged me! Now I made an appointment to get the brakes done on it Monday. Strangely the quote that they gave my husband was $100.00. That included labor and parts and rotating the roaters. For me however when I went to verify the price they want to charge me $100.00 for labor only!! Really??? So I am going to have to go back to the auto parts store (groan) and buy the brakes myself and get them to requote the price over the phone to my husband and I want a name of whoever gives it to him and then the plan is to march in there with brakes in hand (hopefully to save me some money), and give the name of the person who gave the quote and the agreed upon price and demand that they stick to their word, or Ill go somewhere else from now on. Maybe there is a Auto store in my area that doesnt hate women!! lol one can hope!! Hopefully it will all work out though. Although Im sure that buying the brakes is going to be an adventure. Im so not looking forward to it either! And today I bought a steering wheel cover for my expidition. One of those Ed Hardy ones. It says that it fits almost all cars. I cant get it on the dang steering wheel! Go figure! So wasnt real happy with that. However I did buy this handy thing that will hold my itouch up on the dash! It plugs into one of my power sources (I have no clue why as it doesnt charge it), and thats cool as I also have one of those dohickeys that plugs into a different power source and my itouch plays over my cars speakers!! I do love that! Kinda put my cd changer out of business! lol. So today not so bad so far! Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues that way lol.

     Okay the car isnt from hell. It just hates me. The car is actually a good car. Drives great it just doesnt want me in it or fixing it. Apparently it likes kota better lol. I suppose just because I tend to do super stupid crap I cant really blame the car. I actually like the car, however, with that being said I am still not fond of the auto parts store guys!!! Im fairly certian that if I was a man I wouldnt be having so many problems buying what I need and of course getting someone to wait on me in the first place! Hopefully tomorrow I will be more successful than I was today and hopefully it will be nice and boring as todays kind of excitement I can live without lol.

     This really should have been a monday for me. lol. Right off the bat seven this morning I go and start the car up cause it has ice on it and this particular car i need to take to auto shops cause im trying to buy parts for it. Well I go back in the house getting ready and getting my girls ready for school. Nothing unusual. We proceed out the door get to this pain in the ass car and wtf all the doors are locked. Holy Shit! Needless to say at that moment "shit" became my mantra! Not only did I lock the lumnia keys in there but my expedition keys are locked up in there too!! Sooo I had the bright idea of a metal clothes hanger. You know im thinking im gonna pop the lock - not that I have ever done it as I have never locked myself out of my car before. Well that didnt work so I proceeded to have a two year old screaming fit in my front yard ( thank goodness I live in the county with only two neighbors lol) Needless to say the hanger, which took me forever to find as i dont use metal ones, went flying into the side of my house and I lost what little control I had left over myself and like an idiot threw the damn thing as it was useless to someone as inept as me when it comes to breaking into cars! Of course no help from the married front as he is in PA working. Sooo I get my mom to take my girls to school as my eldest (whoever heard of this?) was throwing a fit cause she was going to be late for school!? (I personally hated school lol) Sooo got my father in law to come over and try his hand at it. Had the local police on the line assuring me as soon as a cop decided to come to work that that person would come over asap and pop the lock (wtf?) Thankfully my father in law (poor man) finally after about 45 minutes managed to use another wire hanger to get the back window down and unlock my doors! Sweet!! And so I thought I was saved....wrong!! So I get in said car and proceed to continue with find freaking parts for this car from hell that is my husbands! And as has been the story since saturday, all auto parts stores tell me "We need to see the car. Sorry we cant help you!" Damm it! At least its not like yesterday when everyone wanted to sell me crap I didnt ask for. I might be accident prone and well a danger to myself, but Im not stupid! I know what a lug nut is and I dont want one! I only want a replacement mirror not the whole damn assembly! And on top of it all at the tire shop Damn it to hell I was here waiting before the other two idiots how come I get waitied on last???? Cause im a woman Im sure but my money spends just like anyone elses!!!! And so then went to wal-mart to get a copy of key to car from hell just incase I leave my brain in bed again and the guy at the counter tells me after he hands me the the brand new copy, " It might not work. " Really???? So Im like okay and just looking at him like he sooo just didnt say that to me, and then he tells me the key machine has been broke so if my key doesnt work just bring it back and he will make another ( on the broken machine??? damn it!!!) or he will give me back my money (which I have discovered no one seems to want). I assure him that the car from hell is in the parking lot and ill try it out before I leave the parking lot. So I go to car from hell that hates me and being super scared my dumb ass will somehow find a way to lock myself out again makes sure the freaking window is all the way down and I try out the new copy. Wonder of wonders it works! So then left thinking okayyyy maybe things will work out. So I go and get a gas cap from a different auto shop than the one i was in earlier but that i was in twice yesterday. They looked at me like oh shit not her again lol (is a replacement mirror and rods (stems) for the tire that fucking hard?) and get a gas cap for my mothers truck, and yes it worked. However in the morning I now have to go back to the tire shop and have rods(stems) fixed and new hub caps put on, and then its on to the glass and mirror shop where i have been told they will cut the damn mirror and install it at a resonable price!?? What exactly is a resonable price? Oh yes they have to see the car first!  grrr I really dont know what my reaction will be if I get there and they tell me, "Sorry we cant help you".

     If anyone lives an ordinary life it really is me. I do keep a journal - why is beyond me, as my life is truely mundane! lol For starters lets see what I have managed to do today. Hmm I got up at six thirty this morning as I do every weekday morning. Got my girls up and ready for school. Did manage to get them to school without my youngest becoming the heathen that she normally is so that is a plus! Talked to my ex-husband to make arrangements for my eldest to stay with me tonight because him and his wife are going out tonight and Im keeping her so he can play. (As a mom it never occurs to most that I might enjoy going out myself lol) Texted with my husband a bit as that is how we mostly communicate as he works all the time. (No im not be negative) Manage to make it to the coffee shop without incident. That is saying something as I have a horrid habit of breaking things - including my expedition! Happily managed to make it home in one piece lol. Didnt fall out of my car thank goodness as lately for some odd reason I dont want to speculate on I have manage to do lately also. ( My cordination seems to be failing as I get older! Im so screwed as it was never good to begin with! lol) Got the dogs(2), cats (4), chickens (2), and guines (2) fed without getting jumped on or falling in the mud! So for me this was a victorious morning as I, for once, manage to do the morning stuff without incident! lol I do tend to have the strangest crap happen to me. Not even sure why and Im sure that I dont want to! lol I am going to attempt to do laundry today and hopefully I wont break anything nor accidentaly put in white shirts and have them come out some other odd color or come out two sizes smaller than they were before I put them in there! My eldest really does hate it when i ruin her clothes! lol However that being said she wont do her own so if I have to do it than she can just deal with it lol.

     Hmm Laundry..... I have to get all my husbands things done and packed as he is heading back to PA for another two or three weeks. Bummer. He works in the oil fields so he is gone most of the time. I often think about how hard that must be for him to be away from everyone for so long all the time. I think that it says alot about him that he is willing to sacrifice so much for his family. He really is a good person.

     Well thats it for now. See - boring and extremely ordinary! But this really is how my life is. I cant say that I dont like my life cause I do for the most part and at the end of the day I suppose that is what really matters as it is me, myself and I that has to live it!

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