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created on 05/13/2012  |  http://fubar.com/smartphones/b348124



It’s entering summer again, and all kinds of sandals shoes are being launched on shop shelves. In the summer of this year which kinds of popular fashion shoes style will be hot? Next wholesale ladies fashion shoes online store koreanjapanclothing.com offers you several ones of this year's explosion models shoes.


This is a pair of flat sandals with delicate lace decoration. Mint green is as background color, like a breath of fresh, cool breeze injected into your heart. This retro palace style fashion sandals is romantic and beautiful, and can highlight the soft and sweet temperament of young female. Do you are moved by such sweetheart sandals?


Platform sandals are always one of the favorite styles for many beauties. For this designer summer sandals, the collision of mysterious black and pink given rise to what kind of spark. This contrast color stitching sandals, generous style, and simple, strong color contrast brings strong fashion sense that quite thick.


Among thousands of summer wholesale fashion shoes styles, fish toe high heels is also strongly hyped. Cool blue, cool breeze blowing like the beach, the cool freshness of feeling with great accuracy. This waterproof fish toe high heeled sandals is ideal for the summer season that rainy.


Many girls are looking forward summer vocation. Such a pair of relaxed and casual slippers is absolutely one of the best items for seaside vocation. The ethnic characteristics of the color stone embedded in the body of the shoe, this pair of fashion shoes look very gorgeous, the underside of the leopard, and add some little wild and sexy.


Another slipper for women, smooth surface of slippers are covered with crystal clear beads, bringing you slight cool sense. This flat heeled sandal is beautiful and convenient for out to streets, whether collocate with hot shorts or long beach dress, both would be good choices.


Fashion shoes for women shop koreanjapanclothing.com is a leading designer brands online store offering both wholesale and retail. Korean Japan Clothing owns wide selection of men's and women's fashion clothing, wholesale shoes and accessories. MOQ is 100 USD, and world shipping is available no matter where you are.







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