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Why is it that whenever you fins that which you want more than anything it is always out of reach? Why is it you can pour everything into the open, and it seems to have no affect? Why is it you can pour your heart out, and then see it laying there on the floor unwanted? Why is it that people claim they want happily ever after yet they go for happy right now? Why dont people just see whats right i front of them? Just why?????????

I am sure that alot of you out there have probably never heard of a fantastic and free online game

called EVONY. This game is similar to Civilization, C&C, and other strategy based games. You will

start of with very little, but as you build your fields and upgrade them along with the buildings in

your town you will start getting prestige. Along with prestige you can get ranks, titles, honor,

alliances, and even has a ranking system to show you how you are developing. Anyone can come

sign up, and become a dominant person. This game is so amazing that I have put in countless

hours since starting my account, because I want to get my next city built. That's right you can

build more than one city depending on your rank/title. There are so many things that you can do

within your cities. The things you can do is manage the loyalty and public grievance. To do this you

simply do what is called comforting. There are different types of comforting. The first is what we call

disaster relief. It raises loyalty by five and lowers grievance by fifteen, but costs some food. Then there is

praying, and this form raises the loyalty by twenty five and lowers the grievance by five. Praying costs some

gold, but does so much if your loyalty gets too low The third type is known as Blessing. This form

of comforting costs some gold, but you may aquire food if you are running low on that resource. The

last form is what is known as population raising. This form costs gold as well, but it will bring you

more people to the city you use this function in. One of the other things that makes this game so

amazing is the people that are already playing EVONY, and they are fun to play online with as well.

There are so many things that you can do with quests, shopping, mailing, and forums. Quests allow

you to gain all sorts of goodies. Some of the things you may gain during quests are gold, items,

resources, medals, and prestige. There is a world chat as well as an alliance chat so you can make

plans with your alliance without the worry of others hearing. There is also the ability to whisper to

other players, but make sure you do not put a space in your name or they will not be able to

whisper back at you. Hopefully this little tutorial will be enough to get you started. Overall I would

have to rate this game at five stars. Speaking of disaster relief I am do for my two cities, and I hope you

will enjoy your account as much as I enjoy mine so with that I bid you goodbye, and hopefuly I will

see you around. D3Ath St4lk3r is my name, and I am located on server fifty two. My alliance is FAMIII

(FAM and FAMII), but hopefully we will be starting a FAMIV soon. Click the link to join up, and thank

you for your valuble time and interest. http://Ora-Johnson.evony.com/

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