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well... i went to the medical service, and doctor gave me a pill for the pain but she said it didn't look like i have an infection inside my ear, and that my eardrum and everything there was ok... what can i say? i promise i'll take an appointment with the specialist, because this didn't convince me i had a serious infection in my ear when i was 16, and this pain reminded me of what i had 10 years ago anyways i feel a lil better, but it still doesn't let me relaxed i'll be around here till i go home (that means in 15 mins :D) hugs everyone much love... Maria
i just came back from lunch, and in the morning i had to go to attend the dot net classes (they started with ASP.NET last class) but now i'll go to the medical service, i don't feel good my right ear hurts a lot, since the last 2 days, but i thought it was just a moment, not nothing that would hurt me inside for so long time so i don't think i'll be around till later many hugs for everyone, and i'm sorry for being absence much love <3 Maria
... to everyone for rating/commenting my pics :) i promise tomorrow i'll get back with you all and rate your pics... if you don't get any notice about me, just send me a message and i'll go and rate your pics i have 100 pics now, the limit for the level 10 so till i go to the next level i wont have more space... well, lots of love for everyone! hugs & kisses Maria
good moaning everybody! lol today is still gray... raining a lil bit :) what can i say? i love it!!!! lol it makes me kinda.. grrr :D you know ;) well, work is being quiet, not much to do, appart from installing everything back to my desktop computer (remember yesteday i did a format and installed w2k3 server) i have some more work to do but i'll be around here :) right now i'm drinking mate, here is a pic of it that i found on the net :D i uploaded pics, and few of my new sandals, lol i love them!!! :D and someone very lucky saw me on cam last night wearing them mwahahaha... ahhh i'm enjoying this again :) and i'm loving it... yesterday night i promised to post new pics, and i only uploaded few, so tonight i'll post few more but for the ones that still didn't see my new ones (the ones of the kisses, etc) then stop by now now now now!!!:D:D:D:D lots of love! Maria ps. i love those teddies!
woohooo i absolutely love raining days!!!! most of people would say: are you f* crazy? well maybe lol, but what can i do if i like those gray days with a lot of water, and mostly in spring and summer, when the rain is warm! okay, i'm doing a backup of my desktop computer here at the office, because i'll have to install W2k3 Server ... hmm more than one will ask wft is that :D well, it's Windows 2003 Server so i'll be off for the day, and i'll be back in the night when i'm home it's a perfect begin of week, and i feel great :-) yesterday i had a nice sunday, just relaxing, watching tv, and doing stupid stuff at home... i didn't feel this in long time i'm free...
i'm going to sleep soon 1)i had a blast with few friends online chatting with mics! lol i love this people, they make me sing and laugh a lot!!!! i don't know how but they are just great! 2)people still asks me if i am ok after all that happened this week, and i can say yes. i know it was fast and all together getting my heart broken and all, but something i learned in my life is, that paybacks are the hell. i feel sorry for him, because i know he will suffer lots more than me sooner or later. and like another friend told me, probably he will do it much more when he realizes what he lost. 3)i had to celebrate too, 1 year with my dearest prince, Jeffrey...(yes, and he calls me princess) we have a loooong story in this year, he's like an angel for me he's the most honest person i know, and he always told me just the truth about everything, no lies between us, and we always care for each other i know if something happens to me, he will be always there, for everything, always at my side i'm really happy i have him, and for the ones that ask if there is something else than a friendship, i wont answer that, i'll only say that we have something bigger than any friendship or relationship can have. maybe someday we find each other like only one soul... and i hope it never ends...
:) ok, it's oficial: since i wasn't eating a lot this week (in fact almost anything, just drinking mate and coffee), i decided to continue but eating less.. how do you call it? YAY DIET! i started a diet (forced but it's ok lol) so anyone that wants to leave some messages to say go girl and stuff, will be most welcome!! :D lots of love! :-* mwahz!
... it's Friday my friends!!!!! lol i still can't believe all that happened to me this week... but lets do some panoramic view: - i'm single again, and now that i'm calm down, and fresh like lettuce, i can say it was for good :) because i lost 145 lbs of useless fat :D lol (i'm being ironic and bitter) - my parents both had a high preassure attack and my mom fainted (i was really scared about it)... thanks to my sister! (someone please tell her to grow up and act like the 32 years old woman she is, and not younger than me!) - work was hard and tiring, and yes, i was stressed and didn't finish everything! but, i'm better everyday, so i can say i'm the queen of IT security! lol so now that i feel good again, and i see all this chaotic week from outside, i can say: hmm that girl is strong, stronger than i thought, other people would just lay on bed and cry day and night for months!! well... it's all for now :) lets see what happens later! :-* mwahz everyone!


can someone tell me why the heck he wants to be "my friend" and pretends that i don't hate him after he called me a whore, to be exact, he said i was "very easy to get"?????????????????????????????? oh my dear friends it's thursday and i'll need some help... i'm drinking mate right now (something typical from my country, for more info read here http://www.noborders.net/mate/) and trying to write some more code in my project... how can that guy be that jackass? i'm finally starting to think i'm a stupid and not as intelligent as i thought, because i couldn't detect he was playing with me!!! grrrrrr.... love now turned into hate It's raining in Buenos Aires, but that rain is cleaning my life and soul, because i realized i could suffer much more if i still was with him
- promise something he wont do - say i love you when he doesn't feel it - lies - play with girl's feelings - make fake plans for the future - say the most hurting words - if she asks something, the guy just tell he's confussed - cheat (this gives like 100 points) - he will just say "i need to go to sleep" to don't need to answer any question - silence is equal to yes .... add anything else to the list i don't say all the guys are jerks, i just made a list with things that guys shouldn't do if they doesn't want to be catalogued as jerks and yes, i feel bitter... and yes, i don't know if i'll trust in men again (at least when they say they want to go seriously with me)
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