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Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC's blog: "Poetry"

created on 02/04/2010  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b329009  |  2 followers

Ever After

Dreary smiles and anguished laughter,
They try to hide the pain,
Of a broken happy-ever-after,
As the tears run down your drain.

A cry for help is calling you,
Its sobs sigh on the wind
That whistles up the Avenue,
To rattle your window pane.

Alone you sit, battered and bruised,
As you read another page,
Of another broken romance book
That holds you, centre stage.

The spotlight is on your tears,
But the audience have departed,
No one's left to share the fears
That leave you broken hearted.

And so with melancholy in your head,
You contemplate the tall grey tower,
Thinking you'd be better dead,
You could leap, it'd be all over.

And your soul could fly with angels,
Or the demons of the night.
That's the alternative angle,
The enigma of your plight.

So where do you go tonight,
As the shadows dance their merry dance,
By the flickering tongue of candlelight,
That holds you in its trance?

You go to dream another nightmare,
Of a place where heartache reigns,
Where there is no happy-ever-after,
Where lover's cry in vain.

Welcome then, to my world
Of lost and lonely souls,
A place where funeral shrouds unfurl
And blackness billows through your bones.

It creeps, stealthily, through your veins,
And drowns your heart in sorrow.
And should you manage a smile today,
You'll be dead by tomorrow.

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