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Verse 1: You want me to let you in But you cannot see The damage from the past All withered and left to be You turned my world upside down Left my heart bleeding Left my soul enraged Nothing good to come out of this Nothing left to breathe The barriers around me Have already formed Scarred for all eternity Chorus: You left me all withered You left me all alone You broke whatever was left A life lived alone Fearing the future Wanting to open My soul for another But the pain you caused Too much to handle Verse 2: The cries in the night Are all I hear Your cries of dismay Stick with me through life Not yet ready to accept The damage you had done You left me in a state of mind That I may never overcome You can't knock down The walls around me They are there For the rest of eternity Chorus Chorus Verse 3: Dying inside alone Life left to the unknown Tragedy struck when I was left Out in the cold Now you tell me The pain you caused was mistake And now you want me to forget my heartache Holding onto a past That can never be ressurected Never to rekindle The candle burned out The day you said godbye Chorus Verse 3: For eternity You left me scarred Never again able to be myself Or to be with another Sheltered, alone, and scared Feelings I must bear Silently screaming in the night My calls left unheard Unknown to the world around me The pain runs deep Hoping one day to subside That day, soon to arrive Chorus Chorus
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