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Equality a different view! Ok, I had to read this book for psychology called "Spinning into Butter". I have to tell you it pissed me off!!! I believe strongly in equality!!! Let me get that out first. Now let me rant. This book is all about racism (not straight out your a f*cking cracker or f*cking Nigger shit) no this is equality racism (yes, there is a difference). Let me explain straight out racism is people just being plain racist. Equality racism (it is my own term so if you look it up its not there) is where people feel "offended" by people accidentally saying something (not meaning to be racist but the other person takes it that way). For example, you say to someone you people (and it is automatically taken as a rascist remark). This pisses me off!!!!!!! Hey douche bag if you want equality stop being so f*cken racist yourself. Your f*cking paranoia is causing it. It is these liberal stupid shit heads trying to promote "Equality" that mess it up for everyone!! True equality is not segregated. Anyone who says they want equality and segregates is a fucking scum bag and should be drug out to the street and fucking beaten within an inch of their meaningless lives!! True equality is saying Human Being. There are no colors, no races, just human beings. That is how applications should ask for people. Not by caucasian, puerto rican, african american. This type of nonsense by these old liberals who dont know their old sagging asses from a hole in the ground need to be retired. What also grinds my gears is this whole "hate crime" crap. If one person of different ethnicity commits a crime against another person of different ethnicity it is considered a hate crime, yet, a person man or woman who comes home and catches their spouse sleeping with another person, and kills both of them is only charged for voluntary manslaughter. Isn't that a hate crime! Clearly the husband or wife who came home hated the person who their spouse was sleeping with. I mean they would not have killed them if they didnt. I do not agree with our system at all. I love this country but hate the system. I realize people are "trying" to do good but they do not think of their ideas any farther then they can see their hand in front of their faces. Now for my final thought, I am going to sound racist on this one but this is only information I have done research on. Honestly, when it comes down to it, white people (yes, I realize I am segregating but I am proving a point) are now the minorities. For example, if a college class is not filled with enough minorities the class can not run. A college can be for all black students but an all white college is considered racist. Hate crimes are mainly due to a white person commiting a crime against a person of another ethnic background. Yes, I am white so maybe I am biased, but I also fight for everyone's rights to be equal. I know businesses are still a bit old fashioned and do not allow both women and minorities past a certain level but if you do look there are (I do hate this word) Minorities in CEO positions so I dont want to hear any bitching. Oh, I almost forgot, I agree with African Americans having a right to say they "were" held back and prosecuted but that was how many years ago!!! Jews were prosecuted much longer and much much worse!!! Get the F*ck over it. Oh, and with those puerto rican day parades (you were not prosecuted so stop acting like you were) I realize you have pride but I dont see white people parading down the street to represent Ireland, Germany, England, etc.. I do see KKK parades but they are just a bunch of dumb rednecks (no offense against rednecks lol)(I know I was a skinhead, not the good kind either at one time). So if you are going to use this against me fine, but atleast I have seen both sides and what both sides have to offer. Hate is baggage, so I believe in helping now. I am not only trying to repent for my own "sins" so to speak but to create my own internal heaven. But my point of this is it is still segregation!!! All schools should be equal for everyone not just a certain race, gender, whatever. Equality means equal not almost equal, or quasi equal. This goes out for women too. I feel equality is a big rip on women! Anyway, this is my rant and rave. If I offended you, well that's life. Life is offensive and if you dont want to be offended close your eyes, put your hands over your ears, and close your mind because that is the only way to avoid it!! Comment I want people's opinions and point of views
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