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So on monday the 5th was the hardest day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my husband for the third time bec he went to Iraq. The first day of him leaving so stressful and didn't think I could get through it. Just looking at my kids especially because they are going to miss him too so now im gonna be mommy and daddy. Been there done that before though. It was really hard for him with our youngest because he is going to miss everything about her. I am so use to this but it doesn't get any easier really. It does get easy sometimes bec like I know what im gonna do without him being here bec I have gone through this before. I know how to handle myself without him here. The hardest part is him missing out on the kids and the cuddling with him. Its ok though because I know I am strong and I can get through this. I have a lot of great friends now up here in NY and his family is only an hour south of us. Its nice to have all these friends and family but there still not him. Without him im not complete. Half of me is missing. But our love for one another is soooo strong that I know we both can get through this. I know his job is do what he has to do over there and my job is stay here and take care of our kids and take care of the home front. Sure it can be a little stressful but what job can't be? Im a full time mom and take care of my house and anything else I have to do. I would never change my life for anything in this world because this is what I love to do or be. Im a mom first and foremost and then a wife second. Don't ever take anyone for granted that you love so much because when there gone, there gone and you will miss all that time you had with them!!!
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