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Emanon Eranatos's blog: "RANDOM STUFF!!"

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I bet you came into this blog looking to find a hot emo chick to bang right? Or to have sex with a emo boy who looks like a girl to claim that you’re still straight .. *wink* right, I believe you’re still straight… as straight as Elton John and Richard Simmons singing YMCA and downing cum shots

I am bored therefore posted a blog so you bored fuckers can comment and amuse Me.

Okay I was asked how often do I choke My chicken hm several times a day..aas well getting the knob polished daily as well.

Emanon Movies Review:
The Blind Side

Okay a friend lent Me his copy of this movie with Sandra Bullock. To be honest when I saw the previews I did not want to see it, it looked a bit too sappy for My taste, but when a friend said it wasn’t too sappy and that I should check it out, I said sure. Well I checked it out, and it is an okay movie, I personally want to see Denzel Washington’s new film “The Book of Eli” which looks like something I would enjoy, I enjoy all of the roles he plays, none more greater than his playing Malcolm X though.

On the next Dr. Phil
Emanon coming out?
That’s right, I just cannot hold it in any more. These feelings I am having are natural to many yet aren’t natural to some. I do not know who to tell about this, I mean I do not want to be hated for being Myself. Will My family, friends, associates turn their backs on Me if they find out? How do I go about telling them about Myself, what I enjoy that they may not understand. Should I just blurt it out, or write them a quiet letter and mail it to them.

I knew I was a lesbian since I was born, I have always enjoyed a nice pair of DD’s slapping Me in the face since I was little, yet how can I tell them that I am a lesbian and not have them turn their back on Me, they will not understand Me being a lesbian and I do not want to be tormented and ridiculed for something I did not choose. It is not My fault that My mind enjoys a nice wet…. Over a disgustingly hard; But I am a lesbian, I have come to accept that the best part of waking up.. is two pairs of tits in your face from the threesome you had the night before…

Atheistic/.Religious babble:
A Jew told Me to go to hell hm I thought you guys didn’t believe in hell

An Atheist told Me that he hates god, um you ARE NOT AN ATHEIST dumb fuck. To hate something you are acknowledging its existence, in acknowledging its existence, the belief or doubt of its nonexistence no longer applies. And in believing a god exist you are not an Atheist.

When asked, what god does he pray to? A Christian told Me Jesus Christ. Um, so the guy is his own father? THAT explains a lot! Generations of continuous inbreeding has made all of the followers mentally handicap.

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