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Well my day was like any other day, except my dear daughter (3) had a bit of a cough and runny nose, so around 5pm I gave her some Robitussin..It didn't help, the cough and turned to a wheeze, and now I was getting worried. So at 7:40 I packed the kids up and took them to Minor Emergency (Urgent Care). Got in immediately, and they measured her oxygen saturation..came up 90..which is not good. The Doctor did not hesitate in telling me you have to get her to the Emergency Room now, there was nothing they could do to help her. Well I kept my cool, and shuffled her and my son (6) back to the truck and rushed to the ER. Upon arrival, the dumbass receptionist took no note to the urgency with my "Triage Note" in hand, and sent us to wait for like 30 minutes, meanwhile my daughter would not sit still and her breathing was getting more labored. She being 3 was rambunctious and having a good time talking to people and running a muck. Finally they called us, then it went super fast, Respiratory was there in under 5 minutes and within 10 minutes from entering the ER, she was receiving her 1st breathing treatment. I needless to say was strong and being funny to make it easy for her, but I must admit I was tore up inside. She is 3 and has never seen the Doctor, except for regular check ups. Never had a prescription medication. After the 1st treatment, her saturation was up to 98, which was good, then they ordered chest x-rays. And finished up with another breathing treatment. After 3 hours, we were finally heading home. However with no answers as to why she was having difficulty breathing. There is no family history of Asthma or any other respiratory issues, so I am a bit concerned at the moment. I got the kids to bed, however 10 minutes after my daughter laid down..she barfed..so I am on puke patrol this evening..and yeah that is my night.

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