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subject: Fu-Dictionary... post date: 2008-11-24 15:19:07 views: 284 comments: 58 ratings: 0 Fubar Dictionary... (Written by Emanon) To be taken as a joke.. satire if you will... if you take it to heart then futard please block me!!!... 1)Fu-tard (men)/Fu-tart (woman) Some one who believes the world outside of fu is non-existent there for spends their lives to on this site... How to spot a futard.... Some one who is easily hurt by simple words of strangers... Some one who gets irate at a different opinion then their own... 2)Legend- Someone.. usually a woman who lacks self esteem and is defined by the color of their name and how many fans that they have How to spot a legend... Continuous bulletin repost telling you to fan some one so they keep legend status Continuous bulletin repost saying help me make her legend 3)FuWhore- Some one who finds self worth in the amount of bling they can accumulate in the shortest amount of time How to spot a fuWhore... Continuously changes status to "bling me" "buy me bling" With status change simply goes to random pages and does nothing waiting for some horny person to notice their status and buy them something 4)Point Whore- Someone who needs to feel important at the seeing of random strangers rate all of their stuff How to spot a fu whore... Keeps changing status to NEW PIX COME RATE... or RAPE MY PAGE... Shouts random people (whether on their friends list or not) asking them to rate their new pics 5)fu nazi- Some one who post mumms with comment approval to limit the amount of negative comments they may receive on their mumm How to spot a fu nazi... Continuous non approval of mummer comments Continuous deletion of mummer comments that differ then their own Continuous blocking of fubar members who post comments they do not agree with 6)Fu-Bums- Those who beg for Happy Hours, Blings, Tickers and bling packs How to spot a fu bum... Has Picture folder names like "must give me bling to let you see" Has the status... NSFW Pics for Blings... 7) Fu Freak (my fav girls!!) Woman.. or men who simply show NSFW Pics because they are comfortable with their body... does not ask for anything in return... How to spot a fu freak.... Folder names like *ME Nakey* *NSFW ME*... etc etc *do not fall for the me in the shower pic folder* 8)Fu Tough Guys Men who usually live in their parents basement, or has a room in their grandparents home who are complete losers offline so use the fu as a way to vent their loser frustration by picking on any one they can How to spot a fu tough guy... People who pick on random comments within a mumm and comment back with idiotic phrases that has nothing to do with the comment Comes into your shout if you make front of them like "do not mess with me" i will fuck you up... um yea im terrified.... Comes to your page rates you and a few pics ones then blocks you... pvssies... 9) Fu-Bitches... Are woman who sit on the couch in a depressive state all day and use the fu to vent their gluttonous attitude out on any one they can find... How to spot fu-bitch... continuous to comments on peoples making front of em saying "i dont care what you say it doesnt effect me"... yet continues to respond and take it to heart if disagreed with will simply poke front at some on then block them and laugh about it in a mumm... eh you just made your self look like a dipshit not them... 10) Fu-Pervs (MMMMMEeeeeeeeeee!!!!) People who looks for NSFW pics on other peoples pages in order to have a bit of enjoyment how to spot a fu perv... See them continuously be the last person who viewed your page yet hasn't done anything... Notice them only rating nsfw pics even though they get no points... 11)Fu Stalkers- Nosey Fvckers who come to your page every few minutes when your commenting with a lot of people just to see what the people say.... How to spot a fu stalker... Notice them last view on your page every hour or so... notices them friending and fanning all your family members... 12)Fu-Sugar Daddy A man who continuous buys younger woman bling, HH's, Bling packs, just to stay in their family and have access to their NSFW How to spot a fu sugar daddy... When u see a younger woman is continuously blinged by the same guy sometimes 2-3x her age... He leaves many mass comments on their pages in hopes for conversations... 13)Fu-Cougars A woman who continuously buys younger men bling, HH's, Bling packs, Just so that the male would leave a few comments a week How to spot a fu-cougar... Continuously comments the young males page 5 or more times in one day without the male yet responding... having fu stalker of... in their name 14)Fu-Love- When two people claim to fall madly in love, get fu married and then conduct them selves as if they are really in a married life... even though one or both are usually taken in real life... How to spot the darling fu lovers... Fu Wife .. Fu husband of... in their names Always coming to the defense of the other even if comment isnt directed at them (can some one explain to me why the hell they say real wedding vows in fu weddings?) 15)Fu-Redundancy- When People higher then level 24... Godfathers, Disciples, Prophets and oracles... take it upon them selves to put "disciple.. prophet or oracle* as their name ... Hm How to spot the fu -redundant... When it says ·Prophet Prophet, ·Disciple Disciple, ·Godfather Godfather or ·Oracle Oracle... has just viewed your page... People who refer to them selves as Oracle... Prophet... Disciple... instead of their simple name... (eh will add more as i think of it)
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