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Everclear's blog: "Ello Poppet!"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/ello-poppet/b10906
Well at the moment im single... I finally told my Ex. G.F. (now anyways) the way i felt about her and I, and honestly shes taking it quite a bit easier than what i thought she would. We are still friends, and plan to try again with our "relationship" at a later date. Hopefully she wont hate me for the rest of my life. Sadly it had to come to this, at least in this point of my life... Idk what it was that threw me into this, some would say that someone else were waiting, but thats not the case. As a matter of fact I think the major thing was, we were getting too serious too quickly. Kinda choking me in a way, and I kinda never had a single lifestyle before. I am glad she decided to stay my "friend". The one thing that made me feel bad was when she was crying and I couldnt help her. There wasnt anything i could do, except watch, and wait for her response. Well i guess im offa here for a while. Single Ever.
Well hello all that would be or even are ever going to read this... this is my first blog on here, i am kinda new to all of this as you can see by my cherry score... but anyways who's up for some newbie bashing! Woooo hooo, bash this blog as much as possible if you want too, hey mayby it will get you some points for it, idk any ways, anyone watch invader zim? Invader Zim!!! WOOO HOO!!! can't wait to see it again!!! muhahahahahaaaa! ohh yeah btw i have a really bad side that is surfacing for some reason, im about to go into the airforce after all this college shit gets out of my system, as far as i know everyone is behind me, except my g.f. and her dad. but thats ok, wether anyone knows it or not i am not going to bind myself to anybody anymore!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! but anyways back to the point, i havnt seen my best friend Kevin Davis in a very long time and the other day his mother (one that i consider to be my own)called and said he had a bad heart condition and was in a bit of trouble with the army, as he kinda... disapeared. she wanted me to call her if there were any sign of him being around, as in he was standing next to me... hehe evidently he just dissapeared from the army for almost a whole day (amazing, they couldnt find my friend... i think he should be in the spec ops) despite his heart condition my friend (bro in our opinion) is staying in the army. we were sapposed to go into the airforce together a long time ago, but he decided not to for some reason that is beyond me. ohh well, im going there and hopefully i will see him. About the dark side...? hmmm... i don't know what exactly brought it up but events that will remain unknown that happened last night just enforced even more of the Evil... or rather very forceful and very vindictive nature that i have deep inside. im thinking its somthing i inherited from my dad... leastwise thats what my mother told me when i was young. Dont get me wrong im nothing like my mother unless its the looks. other than that my personality is truely my own. no one will ever change that about me, only add to it, im hoping the military will add to the evil part of me and make it more controlled. its a rather difficult thing to describe but... im sure the events that proceeded lastnights mid hours would pretty much sum it up... wow... it was... almost fun. Well talk to you all later! gotta go to class Ever.
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