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Today was one of those days.

While driving home, the wife sends me a text asking me to pick up Kraft Singles to make grilled cheese. Sure, no problem. 

A few minutes later when I'm almost home from work, I get another text: Can you pick up some soup, too? The soup burned.


Ok.. I'm thinking to myself: How the hell do you burn soup? Anyhow, it's not a big deal, I can pick up a few cans or the family sized, ready made stuff at Wawa. 


I check for my wallet... Shit. I left my wallet at work. 

Yeah, I hope I have enough gas to make it to work tomorrow. 

Came home from work, ate dinner, started playing some old school Super Mario Brothers on the Wii...

One of the kids' friends (Who was playing with us 15 minutes earlier) came running into the apartment, crying.

One of the kids' friends was hit by a car in front of the apartment complex. He was 16. Always there with a smile, always friendly to everyone. Dead at 16.

I'm in shock, the kids are hysterical, the wife is taking it hard.

Wife tried to find someone to cover her shift, but couldn't. It was rough, the accident happened right at the only entrance to the apartment complex.

We had to drive past the boy's body, draped in a sheet. His sneakers still on the other side if the highway.

It's going to be a long, sleepless night.


Rest in Peace, Jesse. You will be missed.

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