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Earthbound Angels Angels walk this Earth not the ones above. Earthbound Angels their hearts full of love. You can't tell who they are by their halo or their wings. Only through the beautiful light that in their hearts does sing. Little do they themselves know who they truly are. For they walk the path of men tripping and tumbling they often become marred. This is God's plan and design for life. For how can one truly say change if you have never lived one day of strife. They walk where other angels fear to tread. Where good people often huddle in dread. With every step they take evil creatures hide and hang theirs head in shame. Because where evil and darkness once reigned has now become God's domain. The Earthbound Angels lift the hearts of every women,child, and men where ever they roam. They will continue to do so till God calls them home. For when the Angels are called to Heaven to stay:God will have this to say. My beloved Earthbound Angels you have done your best. I know that you are weary now so it is time to rest. For once where there was only fear,sadness, and pain. Now love, hope, and goodness remains. Although short was your time on Earth you have changed many lives with your light. You have done your jobs well for now I see the Earth has become a brighter place before very eyes. Love and truth prevail where there was once despair and lies. Everywhere I look I see your good works. Never more my Angels shall you roam:because my Earthbound Angels you have finally come home.
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