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H0n3yb33 n W0nd3rland's blog: "The thoughts of a nerd"

created on 07/23/2011  |  http://fubar.com/the-thoughts-of-a-nerd/b342500  |  6 followers

I need a place where i can just breathe where I can just get away from you and the day.

 I need a time where i can end this all and save myself from you and your all.

 I'm dying to live, living then dying and I'm almost dead.

 They teach me what they tell you, I cut myself to feed the fake.

 Now please dont you mistake my mind.Leave it here with you behind the wall of the great divine.

And you say I have these demons and i say no i dont.

And you say I have these addictions let go of them no i wont.

you say i have these problems and you care.

You say im running but im two steps behind you

You say I have nothing left but where does that leave you.

You say you are so pure inside but there is a tiny piece of you that your always trying to hide

I can see through your heart of glass

Why am I always having to feel this wish i could put it in the past.

Now my true feelings have started to show

now I just have one more question

my last rude remark

why do you pretned to be so real and perfect and alive

even though you and I both know you arent.

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