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During a dinner-meeting a conversation between myself and a couple military types  broached the subject of radiation in major doses both accidental and “intentional”. It gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions of this militarily connected individual about what had transpired where I lived during the year 2006.

For some reason, I had left a standard issue Geiger counter and wand in the basement storage room, and it was charged.  About three weeks later, I had a need to stow some gear down there along with new parts.  Upon entering the room, I noticed the Geiger counter in the basket where I had left it a few weeks before. When I looked at the wand, I was shocked to see the indicator all the way to the right, indicating an enormous amount of radiation had been measured at this location. Immediately I assumed the unit was malfunctioning and called to check on the date of calibration. During that phone call from the basement storage room, the Geiger counter support technician said that serial number had indeed been calibrated a year ago, and that if it wasn’t broken, the wand unit should be measuring accurately.

The following week I purchased five radon kits and a second Geiger counter style detection unit. I set up four (didn’t need all five) radon kits and waited. None of the four kits set up showed any indication of radon gas which could have explained some of the background radiation, but not all of that radiation found at this particular site.

There was a medical office building within 300 yards of this site, and there were several offices which had x-ray equipment installed.  How these could somehow be leaking, not have the wall plates properly aligned, etc, was beyond me.

He explained to me that X-ray machines usually have a back plate or wall apron to prevent accidental X-ray radiation entering adjacent buildings and that improperly configured X-ray equipment can kill people.

During the next couple weeks, I approached an old friend and asked him if he would like to make some money.  All he had to do is go into a building wearing a detection device like a necklace, and walk around on all the floors and come back.  He said “sure, I need the cash”.

He came back with the wand, and it was elevated above background levels, so I thought I had the culprit.   The problem was that the elevated reading on the wand didn’t pinpoint the location inside the building my friend had surveyed and there was not enough of an elevated reading on the wand to explain the extremely high readings we had collected on March, April and September 2006 at that site. I just could not imagine what might be causing that kind of elevation, not radon, accidental exposure; what; sun spots?

What he asked me next seemed really odd.

“Are there any military bases near you?” he asked.   I told him there was a huge base about 10 miles east of that site, and then asked why that would have anything to do with radiation.  He made a face, and then asked me something that seemed even stranger.  “Do you have flights that go near or over that site on a regular basis?”

I answered with all I could at that time.  “Yes and no… sometimes a dozen a day, and sometimes, a few all day long.”  Which was the truth, but I failed to mention that on several occasions there had been helicopters , unmarked all white jets , and small planes  that had “hung around “, according to people at that location, and I had witnessed these occurrences for myself. I did check for FAA and other sources and found that flight plans are not public for military aircraft, but you can check with the proper contacts to get information on non-classified events.  Also, local municipal airports were extremely informative.

In any event, here are pictures of the equipment, the results, a few pictures of strangely behaving aircraft, along with no real answers to the question of exposure at this site.

A few thoughts in closing; 

 If I wanted to kill someone, I might want to find a way to cause that to happen without being detected.   If I could deliver a dose of radiation that would cause death, but not right away, i.e.; cancer, tumors etc.,  then  I would be able to achieve this without retribution in today’s society, because that type of activity falls below the public “radar”.  This was all explained to me over a meeting that I still can’t believe, but I can’t find any other explanation for verifiable exposure at a site that is far too high to explain away.

If I were to act, or condone the act of something like this, I would be, forever, a monster,   and here’s why.  First and most Importantly, because murder is murder. Second, if this type of behavior is indeed going on in the military sector it is treason.  

If irradiating citizens is happening  and this behavior is allowed to continue without swift punishment, the targets are not the only ones who will be getting cancer!

 It’s been said that Our country has a cancer; it’s in the lowlife culture, our media, hospitals, and apparently, our military.  If you find a tumor early enough, it’s excised and you live to fight another day. If you find an Idiot monster  in a chopper, unmarked medical jet, or other military or non-military equipped aircraft, doing awful things to civilians, I think the same thing should be done.     No legal proceedings,  just FRAG them.

          We must get rid of the cancer or America might die of it.  who’s next?


Lastly, and not perhaps, not the least significant observation in this restrained rant, a question. 

Q: What is the most popular key fob of your representatives   in Washington? 

                              Why, it’s a radiation detector key fob, of course!


                                                         Thanks for reading.

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