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created on 11/09/2008  |  http://fubar.com/dumb-people/b258190
bigfootberry rated you a '2'! bigfootberry just checked you out! he wants my hawt body. And who wants to go with me to see Michael Jackson's last concerts? I'll bring the jesus juice!!!! g'morning ya fookers
I really hate it when we get stuck on a MuMM that i am blocked from. Why are people such pansies that they have to block me...I mean am i really that mean? Anyway, I'm bored...and i've been point whoring today, so who all has au-toes?
i even got rated a 2!!!! i told her to make sure she eats corn before she can shit in my mouth

seriously? Photobucket i once saw a chick asking for money to pay her phone bill....can anyone spot me a $5 i'm almost outa tampons p.s. eat my ass

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