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Well, it's been awhile since I dropped by to say "HI" to everyone.  How have you all been?

It's been about the same around here.  Work, and work.  Lee took off Sat. evening to go to Indy to visit his mom.  He'll be back sometime tonight, but it will be late for sure.  Kirk started his first day of work yesterday @ Outback Steakhouse, and loves it.  He just left for work about 30 mins ago, and will be home about 1.

I trust you are all ready to set down to a big delicious feast on Thanksgiving?  We sure are here...one of those days we look forward to in this family...and Christmas as well.  We LOVE our food!  lol  This year on the menu, we'll be having, Turkey, naturally, ham, mashed potatos with gravy, dressing, green beans, corn, sweet potatos, relish tray, and vegetable tray with dip, cranberry sauce, redhot jello ( a tradition in our family...let me know if you want the recipe), all selections of breads, 2 pumpkin pies, and a extra lg. apple...made in a special big dish.  It sounds to me like we'll be making pigs of ourselves this year...lol  which we're usually pretty good at doing on most thankgivings. 

I remember last Thanksgiving, knowing that my Dad's health wasn't the best, and wondering if it would be the last Thanksgiving I spent with him.  Well...sadly, it was, and seeing that it's been only 5 mos. since his passing, Thanksgiving will be a tough one this year.  But, I was thinking last night, with loosing Dad,  and alot of turmoil going on in our family right now, one would be tempted to say that there was nothing to be thankful for, but I realized much different.  I began to not look at what I'd lost, or the problems going on, but what I had gained out of that experience.  Our family may have lost alot, and there may be troubles that we're having to face, but through all these difficulties, look at what we did recieve....we've known love that is beyond measure...we've seen the devotion of friends, above and beyond the call, we've learned to cherish each moment just a little bit more than we did before, we've learned to choose our words as to not to hurt those we say we love.  So even through all this, we should be thankful for all the other things that were shown to us, when it was needed most.  I still have SO much to be thankful for.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


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