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created on 10/25/2006  |  http://fubar.com/dreams/b17766
Story about all Three: Just the other night I had a dream about getting married by a Waterfall, which was beautiful, and when I got married, me and my wife went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and after that we started to travel around the world to see many place that me and her havenít been to before which was awesome as hell. But usually when I do dream it is always protecting someone I love and care for. Which sometimes my dreams can get strange once a while, but most of the time I dream about 5 different types of dreams like being in space fighting an army that canít be stop or I will dream that I am saving people like my friends that been stopped by police officers or by an army from beyond the grave. And usually when I do dream like that I am a one man army fighting a war to make peopleís dreams more peaceful and calm, and a lot of times I usually never win from the war. Cause most of the time when I do dream I am dying in everyone no matter how strong I get from it they always try to figure a way to make me weak inside and out. But so far I have succeed in all my dreams of fighting to make the world peaceful in my mind. But when I see other people have almost the same dreams I do they are afraid to control them or are afraid to win which in my mind it is understandable in most cases. I usually tell people to control your dreams where u donít have to face them again is to train your mind where u have control and your mind is clear. Usually every night I meditate every night for an hour to clear my thoughts before going to bed every night, that way there I am in more control of my mind and my thoughts when I dream. Thatís why I havenít been afraid of nothing, and I learn to grow stronger and not weaker. But if I can teach that to someone who has a hard time sleeping then it wonít be a problem for me to help them control their dreams and reality. Last night I had a nightmare which has, quite honestly, scared the hell out of me. I know I'm probably being stupid, but I never had a dream like this before. In the nightmare, I had something seriously wrong with me, terminally ill, and the one thing that sticks out in my mind about the nightmare was me sitting at the computer, reading stuff my friends had been posting on websites and feeling myself get all upset cos I was thinking about the fact I wasn't going to be around for much longer...it felt so real, and since the moment I woke up, its been preying on my mind, making me paranoid that there IS something wrong. Am I just being silly and paranoid? (1) I'm in my dorm room with two of my friends like we always do Tues/Thurs. I look away for two seconds (I think it was to watch a news report about a new sect of Christianity based of of penguins... ), and then I look back and my two friends are gone. I panic and grab my keys and run out of my room. I run to the stairwell and as I do, I pass these three tennis players in orange outfits sitting beside the door, looking rather bored but at the same time about to leave. I throw open the door and keep running down so many stairs so slowly that it seems like I'll never get there. Finally, I stop when I find my friends, and my friends look at me, rather surprised to see me. I start to try to say something, but I pass out. At this point, I am watching everything from above like a camera, not really involved, as my body is passed out. One of them catches me, and they set me down. They notice that I have a big red stain on my sleeve, so they roll it up, and carved into my arm is the word "ALONE", bleeding profusely. Now, I really DO have the word "ALONE" carved into my arm, and yes, I'm going to therapy, right now. (2) Well, I have a scar from this last dream, and I CAN'T HIDE IT!!! I try everything to hide it, but every time I try to hide it, it keeps getting bigger and bleeds more and it won't go away. Finally, I pull out a sewing pin to see if I can't move the scab off, but I somehow lose control of the pin and accidentally stab myself with the needle, instead, with it going VERY DEEP into my hand. I pull it out and it of course bleeds. Your first dream reminds me of the movie Stigmata (if that means anything to you). I don't know how tennis players would fit into this, but, if you can remember something like that, I'm sure it means something. But, what I think DOES fit into this would be the color of their outfits, orange. It symbolizes friendship & sociability, & including the word "Alone" would be a feeling of rejection & isolation. Your arms symbolize a way to "Reach out" (ask for help/help someone), & losing blood is symbolic of losing faith or self-confidence. Did you mean that you REALLY woke up with the word "Alone" carved into your arm?!!!! The dream about sewing would indicate that you are either trying to make ammends with someone (which would make sense because of the meening of "Alone" or it could mean that you are trying to create a new self-image. Anyway these dreams would scare me so bad, I would quit sleeping or try forgetting my dreams (that's not advice, that's just the way I would feel). I've been having these dreams of people I know dieing but it's not normal all that's left that I see is flesh and lots of it all over. Most of the dreams have animals in them also. The most recent I had my fiancee's mom had gotten hit by a train (which I didn't see) but we wen't out looking for her body and found just flesh all over. We scooped it all up into a bag and broght it to the hospital. When we got there she was alive but needed a blood transfusion but the docs wouldn't do anything untill they consulted with the cats that ran the hospital. They said the cats wouldn't let them do it so I got into a fight with the docs and all these cats started chasing me. I know about the dreams that some have been having, that predict the future. Has anyone here have a premonition of danger? I had a gut feeling when my fiance wanted to go to his friends one night. He would have had to stop to get gas also. For some reason I had a gut feeling to keep him from going. I begged him to stay home, claiming that he has been neglecting me, still he insisted. He didn't know it but I hid the car keys. I felt I had to go to that length, but acted clueless as to where they were. He had no choice but forget about going. The feeling was so intense that I would have sat on him and tied him to the chair if I had to. He was not going to get past me. Well, I got my way. We spent the evening together. Next day, it was all over the news. Man Killed by carjacker in the parking lot of the gas station where he would have stopped, at the very same time he would have arrived there. I told him that man could have been you, thank god I hid the keys! He agreed. yes i have had dreams that seem t o have somekind of message to fortell what would happen for example . one nite i dreamt my mother in law was very ill and on her dying day she was telling us she didnt want anyone to give her life support when her time came . no cpr or nothing , the next day my husband said we were going to his moms i didnt want to go because i was afraid she would tell us she was dying About a week ago I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a guy who kidnaps young girls(I don't know exactly what he did to them). In the dream I was about 8, whch is weird because I'm 14. Anyway, I kept escaping, and he kept finding me, and no one would believe me when I tried to get help(esp. my mom; we don't get along that well, which may be why) and that's about it. Another odd thing is I seemed to go back to my normal age when I escaped. It keeps bugging me, anyone know what it means? All i can ever really remember was being in the atic of a building that seemed very large (larger than what one would expect in a mansion or very large house) a friend was accompanyng me saying that we where cleaning it up but there was no clutter,dust or anything in the room. After this i saw my friend dissapear into a doorway into the west saying "our work is complete, lets go and remember to jump" He made no sound then, i could not even hear his heavy footsteps anymore like he had vanished. I followed him into the doorway only to end up in wht seemed to be the main hall or a very large and old victorian mansion ( on the seacond floor) but somthing was strange some of the places on the first floor where lacking a roof whitch went i could see rignt down into them. I tried to move down a large hall before being told to head back having the voice in my head "You should never go that way". I deciced then to try and get to the front door that i could see, but there no stairs down to it, the door from my position was beyond a room below me that did not have a roof, here i tried to jump but i did not make it, I looked down while falling to see the floor was covered in a dense black cloud what seemed to be pokeing out at me. When i landed into it my body froze and all i could hear is screaming and crying, and the images in me head of my family crying for me in what seemed to be the atic i started in) Then i felt a huge pressure on my face. I woke up with a rush of blood to my head. This happens to me every now and then and sometimes its so bad that i cant stop it. What happens is I close my eyes and about to drift into sleep so semi consious and feel that someone or something bad is in the room and staring at me about to get me...so I try to wake myself up, but I can't...my eyes wont open! I feel myself pinching, and hitting myself to wake up.. its quite scary and i almost find that im look at myself...does that make sense? So eventually i wake up with my heart racing and it keeps occuring through the night.. Although this hasn't happened in a while, when it does its really quite scary and disturbing as I dont know what im scared of... Whats going on? Anyone else had anything like this? ok i have been having a series of dreams that i think have led up to my last two dreams that i think almost scared the living daylight out of me. They are in full color and i remember each one perfectly like it really happened. so i get started with them. Dream #1 it starts off with me and katie going down a long tunnel that leads to a narrow stair case. the walls around me are made of dirt and we are somke where under the stables that we both ride at. We go up the stairs and enter a circular room. with two wooden doors one is the one we came through. there are many names on the wall of people that i know have known and some people that i dont know. the only thing in the room is 2 wooden rocking chairs. i want to know whats behimd the door but katie tells me that i am to young to know. then i wake up. simple? i dont think so. in my next dream is what scars me. Dream #2 Ok this dream starts at the exact same place the other one leves off. We are both in the room and i keep asking till finally Katie gives in and unlocks the door. it has 2 pad locks the combonations i can still remember the are for the first one: 26 48 14 and for the second one 32 47 63. ok so we walk into the room. and i see my sealf crying in front of a grave. it is at the top of the trail at the barn it reads katie March 30 1989 to Augest 14 2007. i ask her what it is and she tells me that this is a room where you can see into the future but nothing else. I ask her who the grave belongs to and Why and she tells me that it belongs to her but she wont tell me why. When you woke up did you have a strong feeling that it was a premonition? If not don't worry about that. Like the others said it could be a fear dream but it could also have another meaning. I think that Katie has something going on in her life and you amy know about it, you may not. The gravestone is her buried secret and thats why she wont tell you why the grave belongs to her. You may be worried about her, maybe she is being very secretive or is feeling depressed or something and you are worrying about her, that could also explain why you saw her gravestone. This is a very interesting dream... let me know how you get on. Don't worry, most of our dreams don't have an objective representation of the reality, but a subjective one. In onther words people who appears in our dreams are nearly always representation of a part of ourselves, whether it be our conscience or unconscience.Even when the person is someone we know in the reality, even wifes, husbands...may take part in a dream with no relation with the real person. The dreams tell things about ourselves or about our relationship with others not premonitions (well it may be a question os beleif). so try to figure out what in yourself or in your relationship with her deserve your attention. For some reason, I keep having recurring dreams of death or something of that nature. There are 3 dreams I will briefly describe (for they are LONG in the detailed version): Dream 1- My aunt and grandma had brutually killed my mom, sister and dad in the most grotesque way and with a sharp knife, they had written "SL*T" across my mom's body and was coming after me when they saw me watching. Dream 2- I was kidnapped by 2 women, bound in handcuffs and taken to a dungeon type room. There they proceeded to write a satanic type poem on my back with a dull knife. Dream 3- (And this was just a few days ago). A group of people were trying to kill my father and in the process, shot me. Now I have other deadly dreams every time I go to sleep. Any ideas on what it could mean?? sometimes death represents change - like if you change who you are in a drastic way, the person you used to be is "dead". for example: a few years back, i moved out of state to live with my mom and brother and really didn't want to. it changed all my plans and i had a lot of adjusting. i had a dream soon after where my mom and brother murdered me in a not so pleasant way. it was very disturbing, but was less so because i understood how it represented thier relationship to my drastic life change. what does this death represent to you? what changes have occured recently and have they really altered who you are or what you wanted do to with your life? also, the people in your dream may represent how you feel about those individuals (your aunt/grandma initiating the change) or some aspect of these people (your grandma's stubborness, your aunt's sarcasm). it seems that it is usually women doing the killing, and your immediate family involved in dying. what does your immediate family represent to you? home, safety and the past, or something else? only you can know. what do women in general mean to you? did your grandma and aunt have anything in common with the women who handcuffed you? just a side question- are you around 20? this sounds like a change in family dynamics and life that occurs when you have to move out/ go to college/ or figure out what you have to do in your life. there are so many changes and new stresses that dreams like this are common. i hope that pondering these questions helps you, i know these dreams can be very disturbing. best of luck! I just recently woke up from this dream, I do not know what it means or how to interpit it. I'll start from the begining. The dream starts off me being on my bed, completely unaware that I am asleep. For one reason or another I'm finding it difficult to think, as if I'm drunk or high. I continue until my mother, walks in and tells me I rench of cigarette smoke *I don't smoke*. I ignore it, when she comes running back from her room scared. She tells me "we have to leave right now" I try to tell her somethings wrong with me....then it hits me, I must be dreaming. I wake up. I get up, trying to shake the image of the dream out of my head, my mom runs into the room and throws a magazine on the table. *I'm still dreaming* she tells me I have no idea how that got there, I look at the cover, it's a white Skeleton with wings and horns on a red backround. She tells me to pack my bags we're leaving. She then proceeds to hug me tighter then she's ever hugged me, she seems really scared. With one arm around me and the other extended moving across the room as if she is scanning for something. I look at her, her eyes are wide shut, she doesnt even want to look at what she's scanning for, I look at the walls I see nothing, but its dark...I begin to chant the words "In the name of the holy spirt, god protect us". I've been Buddhist for a number of years now, I havent followed catholic religion for some time. I know of the holy spirit but I've never used the words in a phrase like that. Nor do I know how I should interpet this dream. One day, I felt pain in my dream. I was saving a race of people from a dominant enemy, and I was successful. In the end, the enemy surrounded me, and they pulled out a scimitar (a curved sword) and cut me across the middle. I felt it all. Ever since then, I've been able to feel pain in my dreams. The big issue is that I don't have good dreams. I die in them all, or I suffer greatly before I awaken. No matter how little or much I sleep, I always feel exhausted when I wake up. I assume this is because I use more energy in my dreams than in real life. Another thing... the more I dream, the more I feel like my dreams are more real than reality, itself. What is wrong with me?
Dreams: The smoky remembrance of last night Drifts softly like a dripping petal; Floating into the realm of the conscious Your lids part to welcome the new. I ask you softly if you love me as you waken; I observe your gentle formÖ You are strong and warm and loving, Laughing gladly as if reborn. In such joy, in morning hours, I have never felt so surely enchanted; The dusk of skin, the smile within, Melts over me quite calmly. Who am I, to watch dreams escape So boldly from their bed? Who am I to watch, and try to know The hidden meanings in your head? Not for me, such sacred dreaming, Paintings of past and present and future; I shall choose merely to love you To watch you shake away sleeping cobwebs. And so the dawn arises along with you, My sleeping baby. And I beside you, soft beside you, Feel love melt into our bed. And so until then, we dream yet moreÖ For making dreams come true is so much better Than having them only sleep inside instead.
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