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Dramatic Reading Of A Break-Up Letter
6 comments views: 2044
2698452Sep 19, 2010-- 6 of 6You're so gee-louse.
SproetSep 19, 2010-- 4 of 6
Punkin said:
This made me laugh so fucking hard!
Sproet said:
I luuuurve stuff like this almost as much as I lurve mudkips. Yep yep.
SproetSep 19, 2010-- 3 of 6
Jrie WCB said:
lmfao. and to think i just gave it to you!
Sproet said:
I are a quick one!
JrieSep 19, 2010-- 1 of 6lmfao. and to think i just gave it to you!
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