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created on 03/11/2009  |  http://fubar.com/drama/b284493
Not that its really of anyone's buisness on here but TomyB and I are SEPERATED!!!!! We have been for quite a while and its really starting to piss me off that some people seem to think my life belongs in their mouth. If you want to know something have the fucking balls to ask the people involved. If not keep my damn name out of your mouth. This isn't high school people last time I checked we were all adults that should have better damn sense. Jealousy is a really ugly thing and eventually it WILL come back to bite you in the ass. It appears some people have never heard the saying karma is a bitch.....maybe you should of paid a little better attention. If I wanted to have a threesome I have a girlfriend that lives right down the road that would be more than willing. I don't need to search the internet to find that like some people apparntly do. Whoever seems to think this is funny really needs to take a long hard look at their own life & find out what the hell is missing. Trying to destroy someone else's life is absolutely ridiculous & childish. So really grow the fuck up & move on!!!!
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