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Well yesterday went a whole lot better than the day before (see previous blog to understand why)

We got called by the humane society yesterday.  They said they were nt labeling duke as a biter.

Said that they put in there notes that when they looked at the neighbors leg..that it looked more

like a scratch too them.  So at least that part is good.  They also said that she never went for medical

check up..and that shes kinda running out of the time span for her to do anything about it now.

 Like my mom said..shes more or less just trying to start crap up..stuff that is free to her.  I was worried

that she might do a lawsuit just for the fact shes a bitch like that.  Mom said she wouldnt want to waste

money and shes only done what she has..is because its free to call people up.  I hope so.

Anyways.. work was also great. One of the best days I have had lately. I swear the hospitals done about every person

in this county and next counties next to us. So many total knees.. and hips.. So many young women

with hysterectomys. (in there mid 20s)  Just kinda amazes me.   But the day went good. I even got out a hour

early. I am just hoping that today gos as well.

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